The meaning of Vietnamese traditional dishes in Tet holiday

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Lunar New year- is the traditional cultural beauty of Vietnam. This is the great time that the whole family will reunite, get together to review past memories and wish for a new year of happiness and fulfillment. In New Year, every family prepares a sumptuous feast of traditional dishes, to worship ancestors, then people in the house to enjoy, gather. The traditional dishes in Tet holiday not only diverse in types of dishes, but also contain significant meanings for a new year of peace and prosperity. Travel to Vietnam on the occasion of Tet, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the best tasty dishes as well as study traditional values of Vietnamese people there.

1. Chung cake- pickled onions.

The meaning of Vietnamese traditional dishes  in Tet holiday 1

 "Fat meat, pickled onions, red parallel sentences 
New Year pole, strings of firecrackers, green Chung cake." 

Banh Chung is a must-have food in Vietnamese New Year trays. Banh Chung is the soul of the New Year and also be a cake with a long history of traditional Vietnam. It evokes the legend " Chung cake and Giay cake" from Hong Bang Dynasty to bring back the origin. Banh Chung is made of sticky rice, pork meat and green bean, every ingredient is wrapper inside a special leaf which calls Dong. Making the Banh Chung requires care and precision in every step. The rice and green bean has to be soaked in water for a day to make it stickier. The pork meat is usually soaked with pepper for several hours. Squaring off and tying the cakes with bamboo strings require skillful hands to make it a perfect square.

To eat Chung cake you should combine with pickled onions to add sour taste of food and makes it more digestible. Chung  cake and pickled onions has become must-have dishes on the occasion of Tet.

2. Boiled Chicken

The meaning of Vietnamese traditional dishes  in Tet holiday 2

Traditionally, boiled chicken has become indispensable dish in any feast of Vietnamese people, especially in Lunar New Year. Probably, because they believe that boiled chicken symbolizes prosperity, wellbeing. Therefore, Starting a new year with boiled chicken will be lucky all year.

3. Frozen meat

The meaning of Vietnamese traditional dishes  in Tet holiday 3

In Lunar New Year , especially in the northern regions, Frozen meat is also  a indispensable dish in Vietnamese trays. A piece of frozen meat like a transparent jelly symbolizes clarity, good luck all year. The blend and linkage between the components in frozen meat express harmony, and be blessing for those who loved, in love and will love.

4. Vietnamese Sausage- Gio cha

The meaning of Vietnamese traditional dishes  in Tet holiday 4

Sausage is a Vietnamese traditional food on the occasion of Tet. In the Vietnamese trays, there always is a sausage plate served with pickles. This one symbolizes happiness and fortune, which are coming home. Three types of sausage are eaten in Lunar New Year: gio lua, gio bo and gio xao. The aroma of banana leaves mingled with the fish sauce will add flavor to the dish. 

This is the traditional food on the occasion of Tet of Vietnamese people. Each dish has flavor, color and contains its own meaning. Let cook a feast full of traditional dishes for your family to make New Year’s Day  more meaningful.

Coming to Vietnam on the occasion of the Tet holidays, you will enjoy many different traditional dishes. With a traditional food that you have the opportunity to enjoy, will leave a special imprint of the twists and bold flavors unforgettable your Vietnam.

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