Thai Lai Village – a must-visit place

Nga Do
Nestled in Hoa Vang District’s Hoa Nhon Commune, the Thai Lai Village boasts charming and poetic natural landscapes.  It is attractive to domestic and foreign visitors thanks to its fresh air and peaceful atmosphere with amazing mountains, charming rivers and beautiful bamboo trees.

In addition, a wide range of fruit trees, including some which originate from the southern region, are planted across the village.  Therefore, the village is also known as a ‘southern village’ in the central region.

The village is also famous for its 200-year-old Tich Thien Duong house, which belongs to Mr Do Huu Minh.  This house keeps intact some of the special architectural characteristics of an ancient traditional Vietnamese house, including a flour mill, rice mortar, cake mold, and a coal iron and a wood stove.  In addition, it features a moss-covered roof, sophisticated carved patterns, and east and west-facing rooms designed by the ancient oriental architecture.   

Most notably, the house boasts such impressive outdoor miniatures as an artificial water course, a bird house, and shelters made of bamboo and palm leaves.  These are all arranged in accordance with feng shui rules.

Mr Minh said, “Over recent years, the Thai Lai Village has seen a decrease in the number of visitors due to a severe shortage of attractive tourism products.  I am making every effort to effectively manage and fully tap the great potential of the Tich Thien Duong house in order to attract more tourists to my house, and the village as a whole”.

Chief of the village, Mr Le Van Vo remarked, “In attempting to make our fruit-tree planting areas more attractive to visitors, the villagers have asked the Hoa Vang District authorities to provide more fruit tree seedlings for them.  In May this year, the district’s authorities submitted a proposal to the municipal People’s Committee to develop the 17.6ha Thai Lai Cultural Ecotourism Site”.

Under the proposal, the focus will be on developing the infrastructure, building more drainage systems and enhancing the aesthetic of local landscapes. In addition, new parks and fruit-tree planting areas will be created.

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