Ta Hien street - famous western street in Hanoi

Nga Do
Ta Hien Street is a part of Hanoi Old Quarter, so frequented by foreign backpackers that it is now called Pho Tay (Foreigner Street). This is where people gather together, enjoy a glass of draught beer, and chit chat.

Photo by Hà Quốc Lập
Ta Hien Street, called Géraud in the French colonial time, is a 200-meter street in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter. This place is considered the international crossroads since it is flooded with hundreds of foreign visitors.

It is at its most boisterous at night when hundred of foreign visitors and Vietnamese gather in this street, sit elbow-to-elbow on small-sized plastic chairs, enjoy a glass of draught beer, and chat with friends. It even becomes busier during hot nights of summer. There is sometimes no empty seat.

There are various kinds of beer such as draught beer, bottled beer, black beer, or cask ale. They are pretty slight and sweet.

Pubs are close to each other along the street. Ta Hien is a paradise of street foods. You can easily find diverse tasty street foods served with draught beer such as nem phung, fries, olive-roasted peanuts, fried nem chua, etc.  You can call a mug of beer and sit for hours without being interrupted. Or if you are lucky, you may have a chance to enjoy street musicians.

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