Phet Hien Quan festival in Phu Tho province

Nga Do
Phet Hien Quan festival is organized in 12 and 13 of first lunar month in Hien Quan commune, Tam Nong district, Phu Tho province. This is a festival to tribute and honors the merit of Thieu Hoa female general and princess.

It is said that Princess Thieu Hoa – Hien Quan came to Phuc Thanh pagoda when she was 16. Knowing that Trung Trac raised an army to make revolution, Thieu Hoa gathered a group of 500 soldiers practicing and playing the game of throwing harpoon and come to Hat Mon to join in the army of Hai Ba Trung. She was titled to be the “Dong cung tuong quan” (General of the East part) to lead the army to Luy Lau and fight To Dinh. When the enemy was defeated, Trung Vuong praised the generals and Thieu Hoa didn’t receive the reward to be the official in the court but asked for coming back to the village. Trung Vuong granted the Song Quan commune (current Hien Quan) to be the hamlet under her ruling.

A year later, Thieu Hoa passed away, people built the temple to worship her and Trung Vuong granted her a title of “Princess supporting the nation” (Phu Quoc Cong Chua). On 12 and 13th of first lunar month, people organize Hoi Phet to tribute her merit. In Hoi Phet Hien quan, after the offering in Thieu Hoa temple, the phet (a red ball) is brought to the fixed area.

On the way, the phet is covered by the parasol and the strong women surround it to protect. Then it is put in a hole under the sand and threw by a stake for people rushing to catch. There are hundreds of strong men trying to catch in the hope of catching the luck for his family and even his village, so the competition of catching is very severe. Phet Hien Quan festival has attracted many tourists at home and abroad come to Vietnam and visit Phu Tho province.

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