Participating spring festival on Ba Be lake – an exciting experience

Nga Do
Ba Be Lake is located in midland of the northern in Bac Kan province, 240km from Hanoi. It focuses 7 ethnics including Tay, Nung, Dao and H’Mong …, in which, Tay ethnic accounted for 61%. Traditional Cultural and customs of this region has attracted a lot of visitors from all parts of the country as well as foreign tourists. Spring festivals in Ba Be are traditional festivals held annually in Bac Kan Province wishes for a new year good weather, good harvests, many prosperous homes.

Like every year, from the early morning, everyone eagerly flocked to Bo Lu, Nam Mau adttend with brilliant clothes of the ethnic girls mixed with petal, flags, banners , slogans create the exciting atmosphere and colorful space of the festival. Spring Festival this year also has two parts. Part of the ceremony is the offertory of 16 communes and towns of Ba Be district. The tributes include sticky rice, chicken hug flower, rice wine and banh chung … symbolize heaven and earth, flowers and trees are given the gods of rivers and lakes, the god of the mountains by the boys and the girls to pray for good things in the new year.

Spring Festival takes place with games and art performances such as wrestling, singing and especially attractive to viewers as the regatta. Pilgrimage riders can join singing the lyrical and melodious rhyme and dance.

Ba Be Lake is the most beautiful landscapes of Bac Kan province with a treasure trove of unique traditional culture of ethnic minorities. It has attracted many tourists at home and abroad to come. Ba Be Festival is held on the 9th and 10th lunar month every year. Boating, throwing, wrestling, archery and dance performances, traditional singing of the peoples are organized during the festival. The festival also helps pilgrims out more about the human and cultural traditions here.

Ba Be is located 145m of the high at sea level and is surrounded by high limestone mountains to 1.754m. It is thought that it was formed 200 million years ago. It was named Ba Be by 3 interconnected lakes with a total length of 8 km and a width of 3 km. Because of Ba Be Lake’s area, people here consider Ba Be as their sea.

In the lake, there are many small islands, especially Ao Tien, Legend is where the ancient heavenly fairies often down to bathe and play chess. Ba Be seems more beautiful when having virgin forests with abundant flora and every river is blue like a soft ribbon.
Like many other festivals, spring festivals in Ba Be Lake is the place to meet, interact and breathe the fresh air of this beautiful land. The festival is also a place for tourists to visit beautiful scenery, shopping and souvenirs are made of skillful hands of people here as well as enjoyed the unique ethnic cuisine and more understanding of life and the beauty of traditional culture of ethnic minorities in Ba Be. Nowaday, there are so many unique festivals, but spring festival in Ba Be still brings attraction that no festival has.

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