Nguyen Cong Chu temple festival

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The festival is often held from thirteenth to fifteenth day of lunar eleventh month in Nguyen Cong Tru temple in Kim Son District.

The Nguyen Cong Tru temple was built to worship Nguyen Cong Tru who is considered as  the founder of Kim Son District . This temple was built on Nguyen Cong Tru's house and he also used to live there. More special,  it had been built when Nguyen Cong Tru was still alive and used to lively worship him. Furthermore, temple was built as a multi-religious area so most of people can come here and enjoy the festival held in this temple.
Nguyen Cong Chu temple festival
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The festival lasts for three days. On the first day, the 13th of November of  lunar calendar, they will hold worshipping "yết cáo” considered as an opening ceremony to report to Nguyen Cong Tru about achievements and jobs local people have gained during this year. On the following day, they hold worshipping "chính kỷ” . In this day, they carry out a procession with sophisticatedly carved floats and colourful flags to honor Nguyen Cong Tru. During that time, many local people dress up in old-fashioned clothes, sometimes even wearing them at work. In the festival, visitors can watch wonderful performance of singers with “đàn dây” and “phách’ as well as enjoying “ca trù” (a traditional folk song of Vietnam). Moreover, there are many interesting outdoors activities like kylin dance, a swimming competition on the An River or fun games such as human chess, wrestling, tug of war. On the last day, the 15th of November of lunar calendar, there is “tạ” ceremony to end the festival.

Coming to Ninh Binh to attend Nguyen Cong Chu  temple festival definitely you will have an unforgettable experience.

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