Jams for Tet holiday in Vietnam

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For every Vietnamese family, jam is indispensable food on the New Year. Taking the New Year’s greetings, asking the health, drinking hot tea together and tasting candy jelly that has become to be a cultural beauty of this life. From the elderly to children, who can not refrain before sweetness and color with jams bars. Today, the demand for “delicious” has reached picky, therefore people create jams made from all kinds of roots and fruits. Trend of “jam made in home” also came to be popular when the girl wants to flourish and make jams, not only resourceful ingenuity but also ensuring hygiene and food safety. 7 jams following is the best choice for every family to enjoy with family and friends. 

1. Coconut Jam

Jams for Tet holiday in Vietnam 1

Coconut jam is the oldest, through many years with all our Vietnam. Over many changes, traditionally coconut jam still keeps taste: just sweet, moderate fat, chewy and crunchy, very interesting. Coconut Jam is an option and is the favorite of the majority of people. The chef has impressive creations when they make many unique coconut jam. Coconut jam just has a monotonous white color, at the moment coconut jam has seven natural color liked such as pandan coconut jam, chocolate coconut jam, milk coffee, milk. 

2. Ginger jam

Jams for Tet holiday in Vietnam 2

Light yellow ginger jam, spicy always appears Vietnamese’s Tet holiday. Not only dry ginger pieces, many people mighty make attractive soft wet fibers ginger jam. In the beginning days of spring, the warmth of ginger works to keep the body warm, benign, very good for health. 

3. Kumquat jam

Jams for Tet holiday in Vietnam 3

To be hometown of cranberry, so Hoi An is also famous for folk cranberry jam. Making cranberry jam is a meticulous process but very exciting for the housewife: selecting fresh cranberry fruits on twigs, to peel, seed and heat until they turn into jam. The cranberry jam jar finished with a clear golden color of crystallized sugar, look just want to eat immediately. Kinds of cranberry jam have various tastes to suitable with each person: dry cranberry jam, wet cranberry jam, cranberry jam attach peel … cranberry jam is bitter and sweet, so it has positive effects on digestion, cough and some other diseases. 

4. Bean jam

Jams for Tet holiday in Vietnam 4

Almost beans are favored to make jam because of its nice shape. It is easy to make bean jam. Boiling beans with water and then mixing with sugar. The meaning of beans jam is success for everyone. Some of kinds bean jam: bush bean jam, lima jam, peanut jam and lotus seed jam. 

5. Fruit jam

Jams for Tet holiday in Vietnam 5

Fruit jam is the choice for those who like the sour and soft taste of fruit. It is completely different from sugared dry apricot. Some of fruit jam for Tet holiday: pineapple jam, mango jam, kiwi jam…

 6. Bulb jam

Jams for Tet holiday in Vietnam 6

With the buttery taste of bulb, we easily to make a lot of delicious bulb jam such as: potato jam, sweet potato jam and carrot jam. 

7. Waky pumpkin jam

Jams for Tet holiday in Vietnam 7

It is a favorite jam for everyone on Tet holiday. In addition, there are some special jams such as: strawberry jam, custard apple jam and pomelo jam. Tet traditional day will be more interesting and warmer. 

Enjoying jams on Tet holiday will make everyone more comfortable, A lovely spring season is coming to everyone.

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