Hoanh Bo Flower Village, new tourist attraction in Quang Ninh

Nga Do
Hoanh Bo is known as the largest  flower village and top flower supplier in Quang Ninh. It is the home to a variety of flowers, and now becomes an attractive tourism destination of the province, especially prior Tet holiday.

According to the locals, Dong Che, which locates in Troi town, is the pioneer flower village in Hoanh Bo district, and the biggest flower-growing region in the district. Coming to Dong Che, visitors will have  chance to see flower varieties, namely  Orchid, Lily, Chrysanthemum,... Not only in Dong Che, flowers are also planted in other places, including  Le Loi, Thong Nhat, and particularly in Quang La conmmune which is famous for Quang La Flowers farm.

Covering an area of around 25ha, compared as a paradise of flowers, Quang La flowers farm owns a variety of flowers like: Buckwheat, sunflower; galidious; orchird.... This is one of the hi-tech center of planting flowers, and was put into operation in Jan., 2016, since then attracting a great number of visitors.

According to the Chairman of Hoanh Bo district's People's Committee Trieu Duc Huong, Hoanh Bo Flower Festival will be annually held in hope of being one of the most attractive tourism products of Hoanh Bo, contributing to the  tourism development of Quang Ninh in general and of the district in particular.

As planned, the this year flower festival will start from Jan. 5-9, 2017.

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