Cua Ong temple festival in Halong Bay

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Taking part in Halong tour, tourists have chance to participate in big festivals in Quang Ninh province with incense offering ceremony and procession of spirit tablet of Tran Quoc Tang, the third son of Tran Hung Dao under Tran dynasty, 13 century. The procession is departed from Cua Ong temple to Nhan temple. According to legend, it symbolizes the Duc Ong’s journey.

Time: from January 2 to March 30 (lunar calendar). Main festival on February 3

Place: Cua Ong ward, Cam Pha town, Quang Ninh province

Worshipped persons: Tran Quoc Tang (East Sea King), Hoang Cau- local general

Feature: incense offering ceremony and procession of spirit tablet

Cua Ong temple is one of famous relics under Tran dynasty in Northeast area. The temple has three areas: Ha (Lower) temple, Trung (Middle) temple and Thuong (Upper) temple which all create a architectural complex like grand Bai Tu Long bay. In the war period, Trung temple and Ha Temple were destroyed but now the Ha temple has been restored.

On festival season, Cua Ong temple is crowded of nationwide tourists. Pilgrims are able to travel by road through Halong City, also go by sea along Halong Bay, through Bai Tu Long Bay near the Lower Temple’s entrance.

In the past, locals here organized the main festival on March 2, lunar calendar. The festival was solemnly held with offering ceremony and procession of Tran Quoc Tang’s spirit tablet.

Cua Ong temple is very sacred even when it still was a small temple under a tree root. Tourists flock to take part in the festival and admire 34 statues of famous generals in the reign of Tran Hung Dao, visit historical sites and nature in Northeast sea area.

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