5 dishes of the traditional jam of Southern Vietnamese

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The South has plenty of fruit and thus has 101 kinds of jam. The sweet soursop jam, Ben Tre coconut jam is very famous, tamarind jam a bit sour, a bit pungent.  Jam, melon seeds are the traditional dishes for inviting guests when they visit house in each spring. In the food tray to welcome visitors of Southerners whether simple or sophisticated, it is indispensable the traditional jam.

1. Lotus seed jam

5 dishes of the traditional jam of Southern Vietnamese 1
Lotus seed jam is a simple dish and very easy to make. However, as delicious as entertain when you visit house, the processors, by a heart and give more effort to look for it. Lotus seed must have the big shape, sleekness; soak in water for several hours to hatch, then pouring into boiling water in some minutes to make lotus seed lotus seeds are soft..

Ethereal lotus flavor, its taste is sweet but frugal is a good food for the traditional Tet holiday. Lotus seed jam to the people of Vietnam is a familiar one and to Southerners, it is even more intimate because of the nonstop lotus fields of land of waterways seems to have deeply rooted in the Southerners’ soul from the early reclaiming days.

This process must occur twice to be well cooked and then soak in cold water in order to it has certain toughness then the process of making jam starters. Sugar for making lotus seed jam is white sugar, stirring slowly but thoroughly. Moderate heat for sugar gradually absorbed into the lotus seeds and stir regularly and carefully, not to inflate lotus seeds crushed. For a delicious dish lotus seed jam, the maker usually added to polemic flavor so lotus seeds have good smell.
Lotus seed jam is the delicious dish has moderate sweetness, and it is sweet but not be fed up with when eating. Lotus seed has buttery taste, sweet but not cloyed.

2. Ginger jam 

5 dishes of the traditional jam of Southern Vietnamese 2
Ginger jam has warm, and spicy taste so it is good for health. In an atmosphere of springtime, a spicy ginger jam dish and a warm cup of tea is really a taste of elegance easy to find.
Ginger jam has many kinds, most popular is dried ginger and pliable ginger. Older people like the dried ginger jam with hot and stimulated taste. Children prefer pliable ginger jam, not too sweet, but spicy only moderately warm enough body.

Ginger jam helps to keep warm, easy to digest. Tet festival with a rich menu of food, the dish of ginger jam is actually choice not to be missed by all families.
Delicious ginger jam to ensure a standard that it is spicy but not bitter. Jam maker is strictly from ginger choosing, it is not so old, haven’t much fiber, then stir sugar by hands stability so that the sugar layer is very thin on surface which also inside absorbed the sweetness warmly.

3. Tamarind jam

5 dishes of the traditional jam of Southern Vietnamese 3
Tet festival of jams is always a gift presenting in all families. In many kinds of jam like pumpkin, lotus seed, apple, grape jam ...tamarind jam has sweet and sour taste tamarind and very appealing.
Tamarind was chosen to make jam is old one but still green (unripe), breadth big or chopstick tamarind, long shape, straight eyes, thick rice. With rotten tamarind, honey tamarind can’t use to make jam because it is pasty, deep black, and less tasty.

Sugar the more white, tamarind the more beautiful, delicious when simmer. This stage requires dexterity and patience; if you’re impatient it will be damaged. Tamarind jam achieve the requirements must have the bright yellow color, glossy, look delicious when it was wrapped by plastic paper. Thus, the time counts from making jam until it was completed could take a week.

Make tamarind jam is so elaborately. Tamarind picked down from tree, cut down stems, leaving only two hand-joints. Tamarind shelled, soaked thoroughly to remove acid, and then separating the seed really smartly that tamarind not being crushed. When its taste is less sour, picked it out, sprinkle it to dry and simmer. Typically, for every 3 kg of fresh shelled tamarind use up to 1.5 kg sugar.

Tamarind jam also ranked in high-grade food by connoisseurs. In Tet time, tamarind jam for treating relatives, friends extremely attractive.

4. Coconut jam

5 dishes of the traditional jam of Southern Vietnamese 4
For the Southerners, coconut jam seems to be the most familiar dishes because Southern coconut is populous and rich. Coconut jam made from coconut moved from Ben Tre. Not only in Ben Tre has coconut, but with coconut jam made from coconuts grown on fertile isle of Ben Tre province, the quality is not comparable

In traditional coconut jam manufacturing, the stirring jam steps are most extreme and most subtle. Thus, the person is stirring jam must have skills, strength, endurance. It is very hot when you are standing stirring jam with two big chopstick, stirring jam in cooker stably in many hours to have the finished product is a piece of white and beautiful coconut jam , not too yellow for fire.

Beside the traditional coconut jam, Saigon people also transformed coconut jam into something very delicious like coconut-kumquat jam a bit sweet and sour; pineapple-coconut jam is fragrance and green; coconut jam is soft and tough; or noodle coconut jam with pineapple leaf smell, the smell of coffee, cocoa, the more eating the more loving.

5. Soursop jam

5 dishes of the traditional jam of Southern Vietnamese 5
Soursop jam quite easy to do, and when eating, it has sweet and sour smell, easy to eat and not fed up with. After finishing, soursop jam was wrapped in a blue-red piece of paper but looks very nice.
Saigon who choose soursop of the West to make jam, because the land in favor of the soursop has light sweet taste. To make jam, choose fresh fruit and big, thick rice, soursop jam will has moderate toughness.

After stirring, those pieces of fresh and sugar soaked soursop, nutrient composition of the jam has changed little with fresh one. The amount of sugar in soursop is quite high, depending on the amount of sugar added and the sweetness of soursop. This is not only a delicious dish to treat visitors, but also a nutritious food.

Nowadays, cake and sweet are slowly replacing jam in Tet period, but many people still love the taste this unique food.

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