10 unique things about Tet holiday

Nga Do
Tet is the most important holiday in Vietnam. It originated thousands years ago. Then Vietnamese people upheld the valuable tradition to the descendant. This specific characteristic of Vietnam culture will be preserved for the future and never be forgotten.

1. The New Year Tree

“Thit mo, dua hanh, cau doi do

Cay neu, trang phao, banh chung xanh”

(Fatty pork, pickled onion, red couplets

New Year Tree, firecrackers, square glutinous rice cake)

10 unique things about Tet holiday 1

Those are traditional things that can not be missed in any family in Vietnam in Tet holiday. Vietnamese people have tradition to grow a New Year tree in their yards. The tree has the height of 5 to 6 meters and wore an amulet to expel evil, as well as protect the family.

2. Firecracker

10 unique things about Tet holiday 2

In the past, when the government did not ban the firecrackers, people often let off firecrackers in Tet holiday. They believe that if they do that, they can expel evil, bring luck and wealth to their family. Though this tradition is no longer exists, many generations of Vietnamese people still consider it as a beautiful culture in Tet holiday.

3. The Red couplets

10 unique things about Tet holiday 3

On the first day of the New Year, many Vietnamese people are used to going to pagoda to take the Red couplets. It is a kind of calligraphy pictures, written in the red paper by an old respected man. The meaning of Red couplets is to pray for peace, health, luck or wealth. People often hang them up in their living room, at a prominent position.

4. Square glutinous rice cake (Chung cake)

10 unique things about Tet holiday 4

This tradition stems from the legend of “Banh chung banh giay”. Chung cake is the symbol of Natural Mother, therefore, it is an integral part of Lunar New Year. Vietnamese families gather together to cook the cakes and listen to the old stories of the grandparents. This time is very cosy and precious

5. Tet market

10 unique things about Tet holiday 5

To celebrate Lunar New Year, Vietnamese people decorate their houses, go to market to buy goods and food. Therefore, the markets in these days are very crowded. Everyone keeps in mind that in New Year, they have to get all things so that they will have a richer year.

6. Flower market

10 unique things about Tet holiday 6

In the North, people often decorate their house with Kumquat tree or peach blossom. In the South, they would love to buy apricot blossom in Tet holiday. They believe that these kinds of tree will bring luck to their family.  The light pink colour of peach blossom and yellow colour of apricot blossom play an important role in bringing Tet atmosphere to the country.

7. Five-fruit tray

10 unique things about Tet holiday 7

Five-fruit tray is used to express the deep respect and piety to ancestors. And all the while, the people also pray for a lucky new year.

8. Dragon dance

10 unique things about Tet holiday 8

Dragon dance is a precious beautiful tradition of Vietnamese people in Luner New Year. The dragon dancers are the most popular dancers of the community.  People welcome dragon dancers everywhere with the belief that they will bring happiness and luck to everybody. They help the holiday to become more dynamic and exciting.

9. First foot tradition

10 unique things about Tet holiday 9

Vietnamese people believe that the first person to set foot on their land is the one who affect their luck in new year. Therefore, many people invite their friend or relative to become the first-foot person. It is traditional ritual that lives until now.

10. Lucky money

Parents and adults often give the children red envelop with lucky money in Tet holiday. They hope that it will help the children to study better and be healthier. All children love this tradition. People can give lucky money to the old as a wish for them to live to a great age.

Although the modern life is too busy, Vietnamese people still try to keep and preserve these traditions. They became a precious part in the culture of the country that can not be forgotten.

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