Top 6 Christmas cakes extremely attactive

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Instead of expensive Christmas gifts, please take some time and effort to make this Christmas cakes donated ones okay!

1. Bread sticks

Bread sticks are an indispensable dessert on Christmas Eve table of many families in many countries around the world. Christmas cakes are not only beautiful but also smooth and delicious.

You can totally deformed slightly to take the cake but the family preferred, such person may be fresh cream cake or a jam. Together I love decorating a "stick" is better than nothing right?

2. Ginger Biscuits

Christmas is an opportunity for you to perform multiple sample cake decorated with sugar eyes look very beautiful, crisp bread and butter scented smell incredibly warm ginger. The baby must be very excited with the Christmas cake has delicious fun like this again! Not only do cookies with fun shapes, if you have time you can do to decorate the cake again. Make sure the kids will enjoy immensely.

On winter nights, the lights from the houses will contribute to air becomes warm. The gingerbread house is not simply a home made ​​biscuits that it is your dream home, the new look you may think it's hard, it's complicated, but you start doing it, you will not want to stop anywhere. Who says a child can only imagine the likes candy house, both adults jog again. Do not hesitate once tried to create a home that you have always dream.

3. Pinwheel Cookies Biscuits

Pinwheel Cookies - also known as spiral biscuits, cakes are indispensable in the Western family every Christmas. Like other types of biscuits, the recipe for this cake is quite simple - almost anyone can do, even with new people entering the world full of attractive fruit cake. What's special is the way it shaped dough with alternating layers to form a strange spiral.

Crispy bread, butter scented, smelling faintly of ginger and cocoa creates a warm atmosphere of joyful festive season. Christmas this year you try to do both surprisingly okay with this cake, especially the baby is definitely going to enjoy it immensely!

4. Biscuits jam

Biscuits jam would be very appropriate when you used to play house by its customers extremely beautiful eyes, you can use strawberry jam or marmalade are delicious.

Rum-scented butter crackers, lemon peel false faint odor of fresh air and gentle harmony of sweet and sour jam will make the guests could not refuse!

5. Cake star

The glittering star laden treaties Christmas Eve good for the baby will make extremely excited.

Cake tastes fragrant aroma of butter, the almond, and crispy, in a Christmas Eve dessert, appropriately.

6. Santa Claus shaped biscuits

Cake is not difficult to do, more than you can give your baby join the molding and shaping the bread, it will certainly be very happy!

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