Quang Ba flower market in Tet holiday

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Located along Yen Phu Dyke in Tay Ho District, the market opens at dawn. In the mist of the morning, the flowers at Quang Ba are regarded as the most beautiful and freshest in town and come from many places such as Quang Ba, Nghi Tam, Nhat Tan, Dam-Cau Dien, Dong Anh, Soc Son, Me Linh, Sapa and Dalat.

There are many people who wake up at 3:00 Am to visit this colorful market, not only to buy flowers but also to experience the atmosphere. No one living in Hanoi can deny that Quang Ba flower market is a familiar address to buy a large number of beautiful flowers of plentiful kinds. The market brings every visitor the freshness in the early morning when colorful flowers are carried into the downtown. You can also purchase to buy flowers at favorable and even cheap price.

The beauty of the night flower market on Nghi Tam Street is much more than the colors of flowers. When it was still dark, there are full florists with the bikes full kinds of flowers… such as roses, carnations, gerberas, chrysanthemum… at some corners in the market, you may catch some images of the people who come to buy flowers and transfer it to Hanoi center, the flower from vendors in the old quarter mostly come from this market. Sometimes, you even catch a few couples purchase flowers to show their love to the other, or foreigner visitors who are curious to see the scenery of purchasing and selling flowers.

Each year, on the occasion of Tet Nguyen Dan, Quang Ba flower market is more crowded than normal day. In addition to the large and small shop owners in the city, there are the new guests who want to see the atmosphere in the days of Tet as well as purchase flowers to decorate the rooms and offering to the ancestor. On the 28th to 29th December of Lunar Year, despite the cold weather, Quang Ba flower market is still bustling. The buyers have to get up from 3-4h in the morning to pick the most beautiful flowers in the market. On the flowers are still left the drops of dew. Each flower will be sold in separate area. No hustle as the markets we often see, Quang Ba night flower market seems to be gentle, elegant as the main product of the market.

And one more thing in the market that you cant miss in this season of Vietnam - the red color of the Vietnamese Cherry Tree. This tradition has long been an irreplaceable practice in Vietnamese Tet Holiday. Almost every household have one of the branch of the cherry tree in their house. The meaning behind the cherry tree can be simple to decorate their houses or to bring luck, prosperity and longevity. It also wards off all evils during this merry season, helping the households can spend their time with families happily.

Come to Vietnam and visit Quang Ba floer market even once. surely you will not be disappointed with our decision. 

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