Lung Khuy Cave- the Most Majestic Cave in Ha Giang

Lung Khuy Cave with strange shapes, sparkling stalactites formed naturally millions of years ago creating a beautifully natural picture and attracting many visitors to visit.

Lung Khuy Cave- the Most Majestic Cave in Ha Giang
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Lung Khuy Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the Global Geopark of Dong Van stone plateau.
Lung Khuy Cave is away from Quan Ba Commune about 10km, which is located in Lung Khuy Village,  Quan Ba Commune. From this cave, tourists can admire all the view of Can Ty Commune. 

The landscape inside the cave is rather pristine, there are many stalactites with a different shape. 

Tourists can admire the white and crystal-clear stalactites and curtain stalactites, which are looked like the huge lithophone, tower and flower. The cave is rather large, which has many single stalactites or population of stalactites.  

There are many needle tower created by many stalactites with a different shape. Tourists can admire many stones " Ngoc Cau tree" , which is the famous mushroom of Ha Giang. 

There is the special stone wall that is called as the magic piano, which is weird sounded when touching.

Lung Khuy welcomes the tourists from 12/11/2015, which attracts about 200 tourists in the country and abroad. Each ticket costs 50,000 VND. 

Lung Khuy is discovered by the local people when they finding the bat manures near the gate of the cave. Tourists have to travel about 8km by car and 2km climbing to reach Lung Khuy Cave from Tam Son Town. 

Coming to Ha Giang, do not forget to drop by this destination and enjoy a different and fascinating world in the cave.

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