Discover the Lim Festival in Spring

Nga Do
In early January according to the lunar calendar, people flock to the Lim Festival in Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province to enjoy the sweet melodies of Quan ho (love duet songs).

The Lim Festival took place during January 12-13 of the lunar calendar in the communes of Noi Due and Lien Bao and Lim Town. However, the centre of the festival was on Lim Hill. On the main festival day, the 13th of the lunar calendar, many solemn rites were held in the communal houses of Dinh Ca and Lo Bao that drew a large number of locals and tourists.

The most striking feature of this festival was the procession of four villages, including Lo Bao, Dinh Ca, Due Nam and Due Khanh in Noi Due Commune with the participation of over 800 people. The procession started from Dinh Ca Village’s Communal House to Lo Bao Village and then to the tomb area of Duke Nguyen Dinh Dien on Lim Hill where the offering ceremony and official rituals were held.

Going to the Lim Festival, people also want to enjoy the sweet melodies of Quan ho in the area of Kinh Bac which is considered the cradle of this artistic genre. During the festival, besides the major stage, the festival’s organization board also created four others where a series of Quan ho songs, such as “Moi trau” (Inviting a quid of betel and areca), “Vao chua” (Going to the pagoda), “Gia ban” (Goodbye to friends) and “Ngoi tua man thuyen” (Sitting near the boat’s side) were performed. Furthermore, Quan ho singing performances were also held at the courtyard of communal houses and pagodas, houses of artists and on boats in many villages, such as Lung Giang, Lung Son, Due Dong, Dinh Ca, Lo Bao, Due Khanh, Hoai Thi, Hoai Thuong, Hoai Trung and Ba Uyen.

The festival also included many traditional games such as swinging, wrestling, beating earthenware pots, blind’s man bluff, playing human chess and the puppets of Dong Ngu on the central stage. It also had many stalls selling souvenirs, Quan ho dresses, Quai thao hats and Dong Ho folk paintings that helped create a new space for this year’s Lim Festival .

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