Soaking in Cool Water of Tranh Stream

Tranh stream in Phu Quoc is an ideal place for tourists. Visitors to Tranh stream are to enjoy charming scenery like a beautiful painting in the rainy season.

About Tranh Stream

Tranh Stream is a terrific spot that tourists who once have chance to drop by Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc island district, should not miss out. The 15km long stream which originates from Ham Ninh Mountain flows through diverse terrain in the forests to create beautiful waterfalls. White waterfalls flowing down in the greenery of the forest certainly draw a picturesque scene in front of the tourists’ very eyes. Perhaps, the name Tranh (picture) stems from the spectacular gorgeousness of the stream and surrounding scenery.

After just 15 minutes driving motorbike from Duong Dong town, tourists will reach Tranh Stream, an ideal place for relaxing picnics and camping trips at the weekend. Campers may take along some foods, set up a camp beside the stream, and then walk into the forest for sight-seeing, flora and fauna or bird watching.  It is much more interesting for visitors to hike through the forest on their own way, otherwise follow the available small paths with rocky steps along the stream. After a long hiking trip enjoying birds’ songs and orchid’s beauty, a grotto named “Hang Doi” (Grotto of Bat), which is 200 meters high on the mountain and the home to beautiful stalactites is supposed to be the next inviting site for tourists. Then, the travelers possibly will plunge into the cool stream for relaxation, and come back the camp for lunch at noon.

Other things to see

Tourists who come to Tranh Stream definitely are surprised by a strange species of fish with the weight of 10kg, caught in Tranh Stream by the local in 2008. The fish has special dots on the head similar to the monk’s head and the tail always floats on the water when swimming. It is said that the fish is so rare and the local people do not see such an odd fish for a long time. Though a foreign tourist offered $1000 for the fish, it is still raised by the local tourism management team for exhibition purpose. Hence, tourists can go to Tranh stream and contemplate the special fish freely.

Go to this place, you can swim in the stream, immerse yourself in the clear and cool water, having relaxing moments here. You also can go camping, fishing, grilling, enjoying them while doing sightseeing. So if you visit Phu Quoc, don't forget this beautiful attraction.

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