What to Do in Da Nang? (Part 2)

Let's continue to discover exciting activities to do in Da Nang :) 

What to Do in Da Nang? (Part 2)What to Do in Da Nang? (Part 2)
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1. Wandering around Hoi An

The ancient town of Hoi An is around 30km away from Danang, so visitors can easily and conveniently get there in under an hour by taxi, bus or motorbike with reasonable price ranging from $1 for the local bus to $17 for a private taxi.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hoi An offers authentic Asian traditional architecture. The nostalgia vibe of the ancient square with Japanese bridge, ancient houses and assembly halls, the fresh atmosphere of surrounding villages, beautiful beaches, and characteristic local cuisines are some that make the town worth visiting.

2. Try kayaking at Han River 

Why not try kayaking in Da Nang with romantic river surrounding the city? Kayak in Da Nang is not popular as Ha Long Bay, it’s totally new activity. But we’re completely attracted by creating an impressive image. It’s certainly a special way to see a different side of Da Nang. Forget crazy heat in the summer, mountain scenery, blue water, fresh air combine together bring us to fantastic moment. Sounds interesting, right? Not only kayaking on Han river, we get great chance to kayak around Son Tra peninsula. The sunset tour allowed us to view not only a beautiful sunset but the fishermen preparing for their night’s work.

Tips: Wearing comfortable clothes, we could get wet and bring the camera that we can catch beautiful moments. Don’t forget waterproof.

What to Do in Da Nang? (Part 2) 1
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3. Day trip to Hue 

Slightly more than 100km from Danang, the former and the last imperial capital of Vietnam is always an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. Visiting Hue is like visiting a living museum with real-size exhibits. The Imperial City with tombs of emperors, Thien Mu pagoda, Huong River, Dong Ba market are the most famous destinations. Besides, traditional Hue food is also a tourism highlight.

Each attraction costs 200,000 VND. You can buy a combo ticket at 360,000 VND that includes Khai Dinh Tomb, the Tu Duc Tomb, the Minh Mang Tomb and the Royal Palaces.  If you don’t have enough time, Khai Dinh Tomb and Royal Palaces are a great choice.

4. Visit Thuan Phuoc Field

If we have a dream to visit a Netherlands beautiful farm as a movie with a windmill, a little house surrounded by white fences, and yellow grassland, here we are- Thuan Phuoc Field in Da Nang. It’s not something new for westerner discovering, but it’s worth a visit for Asian and Vietnamese. Just one word- “Beautiful”, Thuan Phuoc Field is crowned European sky in the heart of Danang. It’s fantastic filming! If you love to take a picture, this is a great place to check-in with wonderful photo shoots. From Thuan Phuoc bridge, just go ahead and turn left at the first cross, a Netherland heaven is waiting for fo us.

Entrance fee: 200,000 vnd
Tips: Bring a big water bottle, sunglasses, suncream and camera (of course)

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5. Visit heritage site My Son

70km to the southwest of Danang, My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam Province is a collection of Champa ruins. It houses 8 groups of temples and 71standing monuments, which depict a combination of Indian Hindus and Buddhist architecture. Interestingly, the brick constructions were built without mortar. At the entrance of the site is a museum with artifacts, old images, and detailed information in Vietnamese and English

6. Take a Sea Walking Trip in Cham Island

Walking in an ocean? It seems to be a crazy thing, but now in Cham island (around 32 km from Da Nang), we can experience the feeling of the unique tour of underwater sea walk in Cham Islands. In order to enjoy a safe and fascinating walk under the crystal clear blue water, we are required to wear a diving Sea-Trek with American origin. The helmet is patented with distortion free flat glass window panels and a constant flow of fresh air from the surface. It weighs 32 kg but reduces to only 7kg underwater.We can get close and personal with colorful sea creatures. It’s so fun!

Tips: Price from 42 USD to 70 USD. The best season for snorkeling is the summer months of June through the end of August when ocean sediment is settled and sunlight is strongest

What to Do in Da Nang? (Part 2) 3
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7. Night Cruise Han River 

It’s great to see Da Nang night by Cruise on Han River. After a long day walking around Ba Na hills or climbing on Marble Mountain, this is a wonderful idea to float on the river, drink beer and enjoy musical performing. The cruise will take us through the big bridges with different colors and different looks. We also see Dragon with fire and water on Saturday and Sunday night. The cool atmosphere is so relaxed. They also serve many dishes we can choose for a meal on the boat. The price is about 200,000 vnd (10 USD), it could be changed on holiday or special day.

8. Delicious seafood 

Being a coastal city, Da Nang is one of the most attractive destinations for pristine beaches and famous for fresh seafood. If we have time to take around seafood market or fishing village, our eyes can not leave its charming. Seafood restaurants line the street across from the beach and they are packed every night. We get many restaurant recommendations with famous restaurant, but almost of them are expensive. My tip is to try to eat like a local with little plastic chairs and stainless steel tables restaurant.

9. Love bridge

Modeled after the love lock bridges in other countries, love lock bridges in Da Nang is a hot spot for the young couples to show their love. It’s romantic place if you come with your lover. The love bridge is decorating by pink heart-shape lights. The special thing is that the padlocks are only locked one time and there are no keys to open them, which represents for forever love. Around this bridge, we can enjoy a fantastic view of the river, watching Dragon bridge breathing fire and water. Or we could enjoy a cup of great coffee there. It’s cool and unforgettable night.

10. Enjoy Live Music

Live music is not something strange with tourists. But in Da Nang, we could get surprised with not-boring Da Nang. Besides the peaceful atmosphere as we see, Da Nang is a music star by night. There are a lot of Live music styles there, from expat clubs, high-end audiences to live music café opened by students. It could not be better than after full day activities, we enjoy our favorite melody from music lovers with a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer.

Ocean Blue Bar & Grill – Live Music: Address: 36 Xuan Dieu St, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
No Name café: 199 Nguyen Van Thoai, Da Nang

So what do you think? Lots of fun activities, right? Let's pack up and go to Da Nang now!!!

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