Top 7 Cheap But Tasty Street Food in Da Nang

Not just famous with its beautiful landscapes, Da Nang attracts foreigners as well as domestic tourists because of its beautiful cuisine with cheap price. There are so many good foods here which are so cheap. Let’s see what locals in Da Nang often eat with no more than 10,000 VND!

1. Vietnamese grilled cake – Banh trang kep

Listed as one of the top most attractive street foods in Central Vietnam, Vietnamese grilled cake – banh trang kep is a must for everybody visiting Da Nang. Despite that it’s hot or cold, Vietnamese grilled cakes which are made from rice paper with fried shallots and quail eggs, dried beef or pork liver pate,… always receive lots of love from the youth in Da Nang. It’s not easy to make these cakes but it’s easy to “eat” them ;) . They are often served along with a special sauce which is made from chilies and dried beef.

Some grilled cake shop recommendations:

- Di Hoa at 62/2A Nui Thanh St.
- Di Hoang at K142/46/09 Dien Bien Phu St.
- Quan 49 at 49 Ly Thai To St.
- 9/3 Doan Thi Diem St.
- At the end of Dao Duy Tu St., opposite Con market
Price: 10,000 VND/plate
Remember that all of these shops are just available in the afternoon after 2 p.m

2. Avocado ice cream – Kem Bo

Avocado ice cream is a kind of cheap, delicious and nutritious ice cream in Da Nang. The first time you hear it, you probably think that is ice cream made from avocado. However, in fact, this is a kind of snacks or desserts made from ice cream mixed with fresh avocado and topped with dried coconut. In hot summer days, this ice cream is a must for anyone who want to enjoy a very cool summer with the mixture of both ice cream and avocado.

Where to try it?

- The food court in Bac My An market, Ngu Hanh Son District.
Open time: 1 p.m- 6 p.m
Price: 8,000 VND/glass
- The food court in Con market, near the crossroad of Ong Ich Kiem and Hung Vuong street.
Open time: 4 p.m- 7 p.m
Price: 10,000 VND/glass
- Phan Tu street, every shop with the board has “Kem Bo” on
Open time: 4 p.m – 11 p.m
Price: 8,000 VND -10,000 VND/glass
- Kem Ku Ku at 300 Phan Chu Trinh street, Hai Chau District.
Open time: 2 p.m – 10 p.m
Price: 8,000 – 10,000 VNd/glass

3. Bo cake, Tieu cake-
Banh bo, banh tieu

Most of Bo cakes, Tieu cakes are served at street vendors’ but they attract many people, especially teenagers in Da Nang. This is simply because the cakes are tasty and suitable with student’s pocket. The cakes are made from wheat flour, sugar and sesames then deep-fried in hot oil pan. It is at its best just after being deep-fried, still hot and sweet smelling. These cakes are mostly favored during winter when the weather is cold and everybody want something hot/warm to enjoy. The cake is good when being combined with chilies sauce.

Where to try these cakes?

- 56 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan street, Ngu Hanh Son District
Open time: 4 p.m- 10 p.m
Price: 2,000 VND -3,000 VND/ cake
- 117 Le Do street, Thanh Khe District.
Open time: 10 a.m – 6 p.m
Price: 3,000 VND – 5,000 VND/cake

4. Coconut jelly – Rau cau dua

What locals in Da Nang choose to eat during hot summer is not just avocado ice cream but also coconut jelly. The light refreshing taste of coconut jelly with the creamy and rich taste of coconut milk makes this the yummiest treat for the hot weather. This is most of the youth’s favorite dessert all the time with pretty cheap price.

Where to have it?

- Phan Tu street, every shop with the board has “Rau Cau Dua” on
Open time: 4 p.m – 11 p.m
Price: 8,000 VND -10,000 VND/plate
- Lien’s shop at 189 Hoang Dieu street, Hai Chau District or 175 Hai Phong street, Thanh Khe District.
Open time: 4 p.m – 10 p.m
Price: 10,000 VND/plate

5. Rice thick noodle soup with grilled round scad fish – Banh canh ca nuong

You can call it a snack or a meal, no matter what, it’s extremely good. Situated on Tran Hung Dao street, right under the Thuan Phuoc Bridge in Son Tra District, the noodle soup here is a very popular eating spot for the locals in Da Nang. The noodle is made from rice noodle served along with fish cake, grilled round scad fish, Vietnamese mints and fried shallot. This shop is often packed with people from 6 p.m – 8 p.m. The quickest way to enjoy this dish is to come right to the place where they prepare it to take your own bowl of noodle soup. Otherwise, you have to wait from 10 to 15 minutes.

Open time: 4 p.m – 10 p.m
Price: 7,000 VND – 10,000 VND/ bowl.

6. Mixed young jackfruit salad – Mit tron

Mixed young jackfruit salad is a very simple but appetizing snack in Da Nang. This dish is favored among young teenagers because of its strange taste. The most suitable time to enjoy this dish is late in the afternoon and in the evening. Young boiled shredded jackfruit is mixed with pickled papaya, some mints, pork skin, peanuts and some chilies sauce. The combination of everything will give you a perfect time eating snacks out.

Where to try it?

- Lan Diep shop, Bui Thi Xuan street, Son Tra District
Open time: 3 p.m – 10 p.m
Price: 10,000 VND/plate
- Thuy’s shop, near the Tran Thi Ly Brigde, Son Tra District
Open time: 5 p.m – 10 p.m
Price: 10,000 VND/plate
- 34 Pham Van Nghi street, Thanh khe District
Open time: 3 p.m – 10 p.m
Price: 10,000 VND/plate
Many other places with the boards has the phrase “Mit tron” on

7. Sweet soup – Che

Sweet soup – che is among favorite things to eat in Da Nang for the youth. There are a variety of che: che bap – corn sweet soup, che dau xanh – mung bean sweet soup, che hat sen – lotus seed sweet soup, kidney sweet soup,…or you can have the mixture of everything which is called che thap cam. With che thap cam, various kinds of beans are mixed together along with coconut cream and ice which will cool your body down in hot summer days. In winter, a bowl of hot sweet soup will provide you enough energy for some outdoor activities.

Che is sold mostly everywhere, in the markets, along the streets, in some shops around the city. Whenever you see the board with the word “Che”, that’s the place you can get your sweet soup.

Some che shop recommendations:

- Che Xuan Trang at 31 Le Duan street, Hai Chau District
Open time: 8 a.m -10 p.m
Price: 10,000 VND/glass
- 190 Ong Ich Khiem, Thanh Khe District: che chuoi nuong – grilled banana sweet soup
Open time: 4 p.m- 10 p.m
Price: 8,000VND – 10,000 VND/plate
- Che Huong at 288 Phan Chau Trinh, Hai Chau District
Open time: 8 a.m -10 p.m
Price: 10,000 VND/glass

All of these foods are delicious. How can you still sit there and read this? Come to Danang now and have some snacks or desserts with just a few dongs!

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