Sweet Soups You Should Try When Travelling to Da Nang

Da Nang is one of the cities in the central of Viet Nam which draw visitors by many things. Da Nang’s cuisine is something special that you should enjoy, especially chè, which is often translated as “sweet soup”. Sweet Soup in Da Nang is a popular street food there.

There are various types of sweet soup in Da Nang and it really hard to find its source. People make use of many kind farm produce like: rice, corn, pumkin, lotus seed, fruit and bean to make this particular food. The consistency of sweet soup may be watery like a thin soup or thick like porridge, depending on the type. What all varieties share is a lot of sugar. The methods to enjoy it accordding to your preferences and season. You can have it with ice in the summer or have it hot in the winter. Could you image how it quench your thirst and delicious or warm.The stores are really interesting because of colourful of sweetsoup from black bean, corn,green bean, jelly, hyacinth, red bean, coconut milk.. and you can order a glass of only one kind of this or you can have mixed sweet soup of all of them.

Black bean, green bean,hyacinth or red bean sweet soup: These familiar dessert are considered nutrious and cooling, making it a favorite with many families in Da Nang.

Simply stew black beans, and add sugar and some drops of vanilla and you’ll get a sweet, simple and tasty dish. Black bean chè is served with other materials like agar, shredded coconut meat and ice.Especiallly, coconut milk is always added to creat a rich and creamy texture. You can have a watery one in the hot days and warm one in the cold day.

Jelly sweet soup: with agar, a cook can prepare many simple but delicious desserts, including jelly sweet soup. Agar is cooked and left to cool until it solififies. The jelly is then cut into cubes and placed in sweetened ice water, along with shredded coconut. This treat is especially popular on hot days

In Da Nang, it is easy for you to look stores or mobile shop of chè along the street side. There are some plastic table and small chairs or sometimes, the owners just have small chair that you sit and put the glasses of sweet soup on. The local usually have it with friends and chat together.
There are some useful addresses for you:

- Hương store on Phan Chau Trinh street with mixed sweet soup and coconut water
- Xuân Trang store on Le Duan street near to juntion of Nguyen Chi Thanh and Le Duan
- Sweet soup from fruit and fruit juice on Yen Bay street, opposite with Trung Vuong theatre (serve from the morning to 5:30PM)

- Xoa xoa pomegranate seeds sweet soup at 111 Phan Thanh (serve from the morning to 5PM)
If given the opportunity to visit Danang, tourists should not miss the delicious sweet soups. Have a fun Da Nang trip!

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