Do Not Forget Young Jackfruit Salad When Travelling to Danang!

Danang young jackfruit salad is one of the simple but very attractive dishes among Danang cuisine with exotic but very harmonious flavor with, making tourists unforgettable .

Young jackfruit salad – Goi mit tron is simply the young jackfruit boiled and torn into small thin strings then mixed well with bacon, shrimps or thin small strings of pork skin, fish sauce, Vietnamese mint, basil and topped with roasted peanuts, fried shallots. It attracts people by its charming aroma and eye-catching color.

Normally, the jackfruit used in most jackfruit salad versions are the young, unripe jackfruit, therefore having the term “non” in the title of the dish. “Non” means tender or young. The flesh of the young jackfruit is mild in flavor. For a vegetarian version, you can replace the shrimp and pork for strips of fried tofu.

People often eat young jackfruit salad with sesame rice cracker. Break the rice cracker into small pieces and use them, instead of a spoon to eat the salad. The crispy rice cracker and pork skin mingled with sweetness of young jackfruit and aromatic peanut, fried shallot,…make this dish irresistible.

Where to eat Mit tron in Da Nang:

Most of markets in Da Nang: Han market, Con market, An Hai Bac market,…
34 Pham Van Nghi St.
59 Phan Huy CHu ST, Son Tra District.
Price: 10,000 VND/dish

If you go along the coast, you also will encounter many restaurants selling it. Come to Danang now to enjoy this cheap but delicious dish!!!

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