"Thang Co"- An Unexpected Gift in Sa Pa

Thang Co is a specialty of the ethnic H'Mong  in Vietnamese northern provinces, often cooked on festivals, special days and on the weekends, usually sold in the markets.“Thang co” is one of the most famous dishes of the H’Mong in the northwest of Vietnam. 

Photo by Alpha
“Thang co” usually use for festival or special day. On the weekend, it is sold at the fair. Its name means a pot of soup which includes meat, organs of horse, vegetables and special kinds of spices. Today, “Thang co” is cooked to serve all people in Sapa, especially to serve tourists. Now, the Dao, Tay know how to cook “Thang co”. However, the special flavors that tourists can unforgettable are made by the H’Mong. With the H’mong, “Thang co” is not only delicious but also shows the ingenuity and cultural beauty of ethnic.

It is often said: "Coming to Sapa without eating Thang Co of the H'Mong people shall be deemed to have never set foot in this place." Then what are you waiting? Go and enjoy this unique cuisine of  Sapa.

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