Sa Pa Wild Pigs

Sapa is famous for delicious dishes and specialties and one of those special dishes are dishes made from wild pigs - an unforgettable gift of Sapa.

Sa Pa Wild Pigs
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team
At the fair of Lao Cai, you can easily see local people selling small pigs whose weight is less than 20kg so that people can put into the baskets, even put in the armpits. “Lợn cắp nách” or wild pigs are special food of Sapa. They are not locked up but they had to find food by themselves. The food includes: trees in garden or forest, corn, cassava… Because they ought to adapt to the environment, the “Lợn cắp nách” are healthy as wild animals.

Each pig is often feeding approximately 1 year. If there has good living conditions, the pig will bigger but less than 20 kg. The fair in Muong Hum, Sin Cheng, Bac Ha… has many “
Lợn cắp nách". The restaurant or people in Lao Cai and some neighboring provinces often buy. The price per kilograms is a range of 100 - 120vnd. More and more people come to fair in order to buy  “Lợn cắp nách". With those pigs, local people can create many dishes which attract not only people in Sapa but also tourists. The dishes are grill, fried, steaming, etc.

If given the opportunity to Sapa, do not forget to enjoy the dishes from wild pigs.You surely will find it different from  normal pork .

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