Khang Gai Dried Meat - A Famous Delicacy in the Highlands

Each region has a separate specialty, and Sapa as well. Its specialties always have the taste of wildlife. Today we would like to introduce you to the fascinating dish in  Sapa - Khang Gai dried meat.

Khang Gai Dried Meat in Sapa is the meat of horses, pigs, usually hung up by the H’Mong. These meat will be chopped into pieces about 2-3 kilograms and hung up in order to store. When eating meat, they will clean dust and cook with tomatoes, bamboo shoots… Dried meat is fleshy, fragrant and crispy.

Khang Gai dried meat have become very popular delicacy in the highlands. If you have a chance to visist Sa Pa, remember not to overlook this delicious cuisine. 

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