Enjoying Cider in Sa Pa

If you visit  Sa Pa only once time, you will nerve forgot it. Sa Pa is not only famous for its wonderful sceneries, but also for its specialties

Have you tried cider of  Sa Pa, Lao Cai? I must sure that if you had drunk it, you would have liked to enjoy it more and more . Cider is a kind of alcohol which is made from a kind of apple (which only lives on forests). It has viscid color  and a special taste. Coming to Sapa, visitors will have chances to enjoy the strong alcohol yeast of cider.cider – a speciality of sapa

This alcohol is rural but original. It is made from a kind of apple (cat apple) which only grows in forests where are sunny, windy. Therefore, this apple absorbs tastes of sky, taste of land, taste of mountains; and it contains four tastes sour, sweet, bitter, acrid.Firstly, cat apples are soaked carefully, and then be distilled, and finally their spirit are used to make cider. When you enjoy this cider,you will feel as drinking a kind of soft drink, after that, the more we drink, the more we feel delighted. That is the special thing of cides- a speciality of SaPa

If you want to enjoy it but don't know how to get it in Sa Pa, contact Vietnam Typical Tour to have useful advises and instructions right now!!!

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