Seven- Color Steamed Glutinous Rice

Annually, after the fifteenth   day of lunar month, Giay people in Sapa operate their special festival. In this festival, people cook the seven color steamed glutinous rice to present to their ancestors, their agricultural deities to wish a comfortable life, an abundant harvest.

Seven- Color Steamed Glutinous Rice
Photo by Khương Việt Hà
Legend has it that when Han court of Chinene invaded Muong Khuong, they killed a lot of people here. They were very strong so that Nung people could not fight with them. Nung people went away their hometown. The invaders thought that Nung people had gone away from this place, so they withdrew their troops; only some people lived here to rule. After a time of living in forest, the Nung people reinforced their army, determined to occupy their hometown again, and at this war they succeeded.

In the winning ceremony they cooked the seven colors steamed glutinous rice to worship their ancestors and deities. From that, the first day of the lunar July becomes their traditional Tet festival. At this festival, it has to have the seven colour steamed glutinous rice. According to the legend, each color presents for a meaning of the long go year war.  The green is the color of spring. The dark red is the color of partiotic martyr who died in this war. The yellow is the colour of the scatter and heart-break. The scarlet presents for the glorious win of the Nung Din people.Seven color steamed glutious rice of  Nung Din people.

The most speciliaty of this dish is the combination of seven colors without using any kind of chemical color. Only cleverful Nung Din woman can make this kind of steamed glutinous rice. By using many kind of forest leaves and their traditional secret,they can make this delicious and attracting dish.

This dish is made from the glutinous rice which is planted in this area once time a year. According to Nung Din people’s opinion, eating this kind of dish, you will be lucky  all the time.

This dish is not only famous  by the attracting appearance but also its special taste. If you want to try it, refer these suggestions to have a chance to.

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