Recommended Restaurants in Sapa

Besides visiting Sapa's villages during the day, you should also try to discover some unique and mouthwatering dishes there. You can choose from several restaurants have good comments below

Recommended Restaurants in Sapa
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Where to eat in Sapa

There are a lot of restaurants on Cau May Street to choose with a unique cuisine and specialties of the pretty town. 


The restaurant with rural style owns rustic dishes but very delicious. At this point, you should try a famous soup of French couple (the owner of the restaurant) with the main ingredient of potatoes, ham and cheese. The restaurant also has a bar and garden.


A lot of tourists give good recommends for tourists about Gerbera restaurant. This is the best restaurant if you want to try delicious dishes. You should try Vietnamese dishes in the restaurant.

Red Dao House

The pretty restaurant brings in experience in discovering ethnic minority in Sapa. In the restaurant, there are a lot of delicious dishes for your choice, including Vietnamese dishes from chicken and seafood. Uniform of staffs in the restaurant are Red Dao people’s clothes.


Delta is the Italian- style restaurant which is very romantic and poetic. Come to Delta, tourists will enjoy Italian dishes by hand of Italian professional chef.

Grilled street on Ham Rong

In night, when walking along Xuan Vien street, Fansiapan street, Ham Rong street, tourists will be attracted by smells from grilled food shops on the streets. In the cold days of Sapa in the winter, it is so amazing when getting in the shops to try delicious grilled foods next to warm fire.

Hotpot is a popular dish in the town. Around the bus station, there are a lot of good hotpot restaurants. 

What to eat in Sapa town

Pig of ethnic minority (lợn cắp nách) 

Name of the dish will make curiosity to many people when they first hear the name. This is a Muong breeds which is quite small and free- range and the most delicious pork when 7- 10 kg. People often take it by armpit to sell or slaughter.

Pigs are cleaned, marinated then grilled in whole pig. The grilled pork is very soft, sweet and crispy.


Sapa salmon is a rainbow trout, a premium fish of European origin. They are kept in Sapa with the quality which balances with original fish in Europe.

   Here we recommend some restaurants where you should try in your travel to Sapa to have a chance to enjoy the most appetizing dishes.

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