Sliding in Mui Ne

About a 45 minute drive from the Golden Coast Resort & Spa is an area containing one of the main attraction around Phan Thiet; the Sand Dunes in Mui Ne. If you are expecting anything on a par with the sand dunes of the Middle East or North Africa you will be disappointed, however, a few hours at the dunes can be an enjoyable experience.

Sliding in Mui Ne
Photo by jetsun
"You slide down?" It's a question that doesn't require much pondering. After making the 15 kilometer trip from nearby Mui Ne to the vast, red sand dunes (a landscape fit for Mars), what could be better than a slide down? 

The sun certainly doesn't go easy on the dunes, and for 10,000 dong (50 cents), it is the easiest way to catch a breeze.

Grab a blue plastic sled and begin to hike to the nearest peak. It's easy to imagine yourself in your favorite Western , until you see a bride and groom dressed in soon-to-be-dusty white over the next dune.

Get as high as you can and then launch yourself over the precipice. Later, when you are cleaning sand out from your inner ear, you will know it is because you conquered the mighty Red Dunes of Mui Ne. You slide down.

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