Sapa Overview

Firstly, Sapa town was built as a relaxing station on a hill of French people in 1922, but nowadays, it becomes the most famous and charming tourists attraction in Vietnam. Wonderful scenery stretches on a large area and leads to Eastern, which make the town more brighten in first lights of a new day. Sapa seem to be a valley surrounded by rice terraces and high mountains.

Sapa Overview
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We can usually see Sapa town with mystic beauty in dew more than clear appearance because the town is always covered by mystic and dense dew. Although the atmosphere in the town is always wet, Sapa has a lot of convenient roads and bustle highland markets which bring an unique colour for the pretty town.

The history didn’t bless for the amazing town. From the World War II, a lot of wars between French, America and China continuously happened, destroying infrastructure in the town and the majority of hotels with England style was destroyed and couldn’t be repaired.

Through the exploration of tourists, Sapa town is being recovered. Many hotels and resorts are being built. Roads to the villages are being used to build modern hotels and luxury resorts. However, the height of the buildings were made increasingly being fading horizon.

With the development, life of highland tribes is also strongly changing. The prosperity of Sapa town connected with a large tourists flow to the place.

H’ Mong ethnic minority, one of the poorest tribes in the area, becomes the symbol of wise. You can easily meet them everywhere in the town and they are persuading you to buy something like handicraft or cheap jewellery. The majority has a low education or illiteracy; however, the children in here can speak fluently English, France or a little bit of other languages. They use the foreign language skills to make a good impression and to serve for their job as a guide in tour, hotels and restaurants. Other ethnic minorities like Red Dzao people are appearing in the town with strange sign of red scarves on their head.

If you visit Sapa in low tourism season, don’t forget to bring warm coat because the temperature falls very low. Cold weather also brings advantages for the town with temperate fruits like plums, peaches and even medicinal plant garden. 

   Sa Pa is a breathtaking attraction that you shouldn't miss when coming to Vietnam. Refer these suggestions for Sa Pa to have a memorable and fun trip !!!

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