Goi Cuon Phan Thiet


What to eat in Phan Thiet 

We discovered these tastebud-rocking rolls in the market and they were FANTASTIC. So good we ordered two rounds each. (How we fit through the train doors to get home again I’ll never know.)
I thought something this good would have an official name but Darling Man just shrugged and said they were goi cuon, usually called fresh spring rolls or summer rolls in English. These were the most fabulous fresh spring rolls I’ve ever tasted. They were fresh spring rolls with fried spring rolls hiding inside — how’s that for BRILLIANT?

There was also egg, Vietnamese sausage, raw whitebait, fermented pork, meatball and herbs. I could eat these all day every day. The dipping sauce was fantastic too, much tastier than the hoi sin sauce that fresh spring rolls are usually served with.

Try it at: the small market between Tran Hung Dao and Ly Tu Trong on the “other” side of the river.

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