The Way to Discover Doc Let

Doc Let is one of the most beautiful beach of Khanh Hoa Province with the fresh water and tall green coconut trees.
The Way to Discover Doc Let
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The traveling season in Doc Let 

From January to September  is the most suitable time to visit Doc Let, tourists shouldn’t go to Doc Let from October to December because of the cold weather and the northeast’s wind. 

The way to go to Doc Let 

There are two main ways to traveling to Doc Let:
The first way: Go Straight to Doc Let 

- From Ha Noi: Catch the bus to Nha Trang, when reach the outside down 3, go ahead to catch the m6 to Doc Let

- From HCM City: Catch the bus to Tuy Hoa or Da Nang, Hue to reach the outside down 3, then catch the motorcycle taxi to Doc Let. Tourists might buy the train tickets to go straight to Ninh Hoa then catch the taxi to Doc Let Beach. If tourists want to save time, they had better catch the Cuc – Tung coach to go to Binh Tay or Hon KHoi, then catch the motorcycle taxi to Doc Let. 

The second way: From Nha Trang city to Doc Let 

Tourists choose this way must travel to Nha Trang first, then go to Doc Let.

From Nha Trang to Doc Let, tourists can hire the motorcycle or catch the bus 

- Hiring motorcycle: Start from Tran Phu Street following the way to Ba Tower -> Pham Van Dong Street -> turn right to Thap Ba Street -> turn right to Lac Thien Street -> turn left to Ton Duc Thang -> turn right to the 2/4 street about 5.3km then reach the 1A national highway -> following the 1 national highway from the South to North -> go through Ninh Hoa Town, Banh it pass, reach the down 3 which has signpost instructing to the Huyndai Vinashin shipyard -> following the asphalted road to the Shipyard -> go to the North to Doc Let 

- Traveling by bus: Go to the Nha Trang Bus Station, catch the Coach to Binh Tay, Ninh Hoa to Doc Let. The coach will let you down on 10 Provincal highway, which is away from Doc Let about 1.5km, tourists should catch the motorcycle taxi or walk to Doc Let.

Hostels and Hotels in Doc Let

One day is enough to discovering the Doc Let Beach, however, tourists can enjoy the night with the peace, the rustling sea waves and camping on the sand
Here are some hotels in Doc Let that tourists should choose:
Hoang Khang Hotel
- Address: Dong Cat Village – Ninh Hai Ward – Ninh Hoa Town – Khanh Hoa
- Contact: 0583.672.269 – 0905.054.979 – 0583.849.569
- Utilities: 2 stars hotel, away from the beach about 3 minutes walking, having restaurant, clean and fully furnished.
- Price: From 280,000 VND – 940,000 VND
White Sand Doclet Resort
- Address: Group 9 Dong Cat, Ninh Hai Ward, Ninh Hoa Town, KHanh Hoa Province
- Contact: 3.670.670 – 3.671.781 – 3.671.782, having the private beach 

Discovering the Doc Let Beach 

Bathing: Tourists should ask for the local people for the way to go to the beach instead of buying the bathing tickets. After swimming, tourists can come to the sand hill to slide then come back to swim.

Some entertaining activities and water sports: 

- Footbal, volleyball, badminton on the beach
- Join in whether flying
- Surfing jet skiing
- Playing tug on the sand
- Taking the dawn picture
- going to the seafood market, which opens from 7 am to 5 pm.

Cuisines in Doc Let 

Bun Ca (Fish Noodle), Banh Canh, Nem Nuong, Nem PHan,… are the specialities of Ninh Hoa.
Coming to Doc Let, tourists might choose the mango cake, Dat seed, Cha Ca, Ninh Hoa Nem,… they should go to the shop of Mrs Nam, 50 Le Loi Street, Ninh Hoa Town to buy the Ninh Hoa Nem

Crossing Travel hopes tourists will have the happiest trip to Doc Let and have the best memorable time.

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