Mideast in Nha Trang

Mideast is a very good tonic for the sick, elderly, women with haemorrhage and child malnutrition.

“Swallow Nest Island Interior, ducks swim Ninh Hoa Binh Ba lobster, dried deer Dien Khanh” The long-standing folk and until now still circulating in people. Swallow’s nests have high nutritional effect, as fitness, endurance, stimulate digestion, help sedative, narcotic, stop bleeding, cure cough, drew blood, dysentery. This is a very good tonic for the sick, elderly, women with haemorrhage and child malnutrition. Day after day, birds nest (marine birds in the Central and the islands) painstakingly long house (saliva) into the spiral circles to build nests so beautiful that if taken away, birds do not be discouraged to continue to maintain the other race.

Mideast in Nha Trang
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The birds nest also known as ear nest folk (for the nom-like ears), also in traditional medicine and economic transactions, it is called a bird nest (swallow: Swallow, Swallow: group). Nests are mined in two phases. The first phase in March before egg-laying birds. Session 7-8 Monday in May after fledglings leave the nest, flying and feeding themselves.

Government of the rational exploitation of this has created conditions favorable for the development of birds (crow). Nests where circular or oval shape, curved semi-circle, gray white, sometimes pink or red, duck egg to half, about 7 cm, width 5 cm, weight of 10 g. Sometimes the big, thick, weighing about 18-20 g, but it is thought that it was the first built by the birds, the next time to re-group smaller and thinner. Have identified as the child to the birds and the old small birds do.

Bird’s nest exploitation on the dirt brush, pick up fuzz and then grouped into several categories as follows: Yen blood is bright red, bordered white edges, are considered superior. Nest type is so rare, usually harvesting only a few hundred nests. According to scientists, red nests is due to the cliff where birds can nest multiple oxyde of iron, but the folklore is due to efforts to birds nesting should be blood.

Oats or oat optical transparency is the second remake, to thick, white in color, weighing 10-12 g, is the one. Natural milky oats, green or gold, weighing 90-10 g, of the two. Nest sites in gray, violet or black light, weighing 6-7 g, of three (of the old birds). In addition, there are pink betel residue nest, the nest is not all gone or broken, oats mao is the first new, swift as the Siamese are very dirty, covered with hair (rarely used).

How oat processing: Soak in water 3-4 hours of hot water or 1/2-1 hours, to see the long strands were then picked up a diaper (can remove less peanut), pick up feathers, rubbish, moss mountains and other contaminants still cling to. Instead of water, both naked. So many times washed, drained. Now, oat fiber greenish white, small, long vermicelli-like strands. Nests high in protein (43-55%, more than meat, fish) and the amino acid essential for human body, and can not be substituted as cysteine, phenylalamin, tyrosine …. It also contains high levels of glucose; low fat, and vitamins B, C, E, PP; the sodium salt, iron, phosphor; the trace elements. In terms of food, bird’s nests are included in every “cheers”, is a famous dish in 8 (eight games) with abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin, base legs to elephants, bears hand. .. Using its own bird nest, dried, powder spread, drinking 6-12 g per day Use 7-10 consecutive days. Used in combination, bird nest (the nest blood better), geckos, e ha sa (baby vegetables), ox royalty equal quantities, dried, small canopy, sifted flour, training for staff in corn syrup . Taking 20 tablets in 2 divided doses.

Bird’s nests can be used as food – herbs in the following ways: Yen drop: steamed oat fiber for nine (not cooked directly with water as vulnerable to corruption and loss of nutrients) are classified in eight children, sprayed onto shredded chicken, chicken broth and hot chan. Add enough fresh spices, spoons once. Yen frequency: oat fiber belly stuffed into pigeon meat was cleaned with less glutinous rice, green peas, black mushrooms or mushrooms, spices. Tunnel to a ripe fish. During the day. Tea oats: oat fiber had steamed into the bowl. Diameter of boiling water to cook with, to the north, to the egg whites and crushed egg shells to spread the right to take impurities. Filter it in, then flush the bowl of oats. Eat while still warm tea. Someone steamed oat fiber and less sugar candy with coconut milk or dark. In folklore, it uses both blood oats (oats blood), distributed oats (oat competition), meat bird nest (swallow humiliation) and nests in which the bodies of newly hatched young bird nest (swallow’s nests internal e). 30 g bird guano (dried, gold stars, spread flour) mixed with garlic (3 cloves) pound, add corn kernels and lakes by members. Each 3 capsules with warm water and treatment of poisoning.

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