Instructions to Travel to Cam Ranh

Cam Ranh is the second large island in Khanh Hoa, which is the same as attractive as Nha Trang.

Instructions to Travel to Cam Ranh
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The suitable time to travel to Cam Ranh

Summer and Autumn are the most suitable time to visit Cam Rank, according to the experience. Tourists should also join the Nha Trang Beach Festival, which will be very interesting and funny. 

How to traveling to Cam Ranh 

Tourists can reach Cam Ranh by plane, coach, train, bus or self- driving vehicle. If tourists want self-suffiencient backpacking travel, they should visit Cam Ranh by plane (Vietnam Airline, Jestar, Vietjet), coach (My Dinh bus station or Mien Dong bus station) or train

If tourists are in Nha Trang and want to have Nha Trang – Cam Ranh tour then they might go by bus. The Phuong Trang and Quyet Thang are the two cheap buses running Nha Trang – Cam Ranh Route. To catch the bus, you should come to these bus stations: The Northen Bus Station (2/4 street, Quang Trung, opposite to the old Vietcombank), Ly Thanh Ton, Thai Nguyen (near the Flamengo Coffee, Maximax Supermarket), 23/10 (through the Southen Bus Station), The Thanh Down 3, 1A National Highway, Hung Vuong Avenue, Cam Ranh Stadium (near the Coop Mart Supermarket) ….remember to wave your hand to catch the bus. 

When reach Cam Ranh, Tourists might hire the motorcycle or bicycle to visit around the island. Besides, tourists should go to the Da Bac Harbor to visit the Binh Ba Island, Binh Hung,…

The cheap, popular and safe hotels in Cam Ranh 

To save your money, you had better book the hotel on Agoda before at least 1 month, in case of out of rooms.

The popular hotels with cheap price in Cam Ranh, which costs from 100,000 VND to 600,000 VND/room/night. All the rooms are fully furnighed and basic utilities such air-conditioner, TV, wifi, hiring car: 

- Queen Hotel Nha Trang
- Thanh Sang Hotel

- Azura Hotel

Destination and Cuisine in Cam Ranh 

Some traveling sites in Cam Ranh
Oc Pagoda
Binh Ba Island

Cam Ranh is an island bay, so that island is the most attractive place when visiting Cam Ranh. Binh Ba, Binh Hung Island, Dai Beach, Lan Island, Rong Island, Quy Island, Phung Island…are the examples. Besides, Oc Pagoda, Chua Mountain, Ngoc Suong tourism resort, Binh Lap, Binh Tien,… are the famous places in Cam Ranh 

The delicious dishes in Cam Ranh

Banh Hoi Long heo
Banh Canh Bot Gao
Banh Hoi Long Heo, Banh Canh Bot Gao, Banh Can with sauce, Thuy Trieu oyster, Cam Ranh chicken, Cam Ranh devotees,… are the specialities of Cam Ranh. Tourists can go to the food area in the center of Cam Ranh Town, Cho Moi Area, the street restaurant, night market,…

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