Burned Rice (Cơm cháy) - a tasty dish of Ninh Binh

'Com chay' (burned rice) is a simple but very crispy and yummy dish of Ninh Binh province.
'Com chay' is made from steamed rice sliced into flat round shapes.

Photo by minhhuong281
After drying, slices of steamed rice are fried in hot oil pan until they turn yellow and crisp.

Together with main ingredient, steamed rice, are beef, pig’s heart or kidney, some vegeta
bles like mushroom, tomato, carrot and spices such as fish sauce, pepper, red chili, onion, salt.

Beef and pig’s heart or kidney are thinly sliced, marinated with such spices and mixed with vegetables. Then the mixture is fried until fragrant.

The dish is best served with goat meat and Kim Son wine. Each bowl of 'com chay' is perfect combination of the crispness.

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