Tien Stream And Tien Cave

Ha Giang is a province in the northern mountains of Ha Giang topography is complicated by the mountains surrounded by, as is a hilly area so there are plenty of Ha Giang streams or caves and beautiful celebrities have attracted many tourists come here to see firsthand and admire the natural beauty bestowed here eg Tien springs and a lot of money here is like one of the first scenes Ha Giang- Tien stream and Tien cave in ha Giang. Sights and Tien stream Tien Ha Giang town 2km from Tien stream scenery here is very poetic, stream of blue water, very suitable for tourists to relax, cool off, sightseeing.

Cash flows associated with the area said that: In the past, the scenery here is so poetic, so beautiful fairies often play down here. Especially the holidays there are many beautiful fairies come together heavenly romp. So people here are named for real money. From within them, there is also a spring named Tien stream. Spring water in the green year round, drifted as smooth hair of the fairies, very romantic and dreamy. Villagers often cash flow for water, water is considered sacred for good luck on New Year’s Eve moment. With lyrical landscapes, poetic, and Tien stream Tien is suitable for visitors to relax, cool off, sightseeing.

Come to Ha Giang, tourists can not only watch spectacular natural scenery, but also enjoy unique cuisine and drinks. So what are you waiting for? Let's pack up and set  off!!!

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