Hanoi - the charmingly lovely harmony of the beauty of nature

- Is it your first time stepping to Hanoi ?

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- Is experiencing and enjoying Vietnam's Lunar New Year, or better known as "Tet", a part of your plan ?

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Photo by David Berkowitz
- Get up and get go

Everywhere you go, there's a millennium-old history or two behind the ancient, peaceful, quiet and tranquil charm of the quintessential capital of Vietnam. We hereby present you some of the landmarks and areas of interest for you to consult :

+ The Old Quarters, the oldest neighborhood of the city, is like a maze consisted of 36 narrow streets, which were named after the products that were traditionally sold along each, linked together at the corners and alleys, essentially forming a trading net. Featuring exquisitely hand-crafted souvenirs in every single shop you can find along the road, such as silk products, embroidered fabrics, conical hats and, last but not least, the all-time well-known symbolic "ao dai" of Vietnam, The Old Quarter proudly stands out as one of the attractions for shoppers to blend in. If you plan to shop 'till you drop, this is definitely the must-go place for you to lay your eyes on !

+ The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is widely considered the finest modern museum in Vietnam and also one of the main tourist attractions in Hanoi, offering an insight into all the 54 different ethnic groups of the whole country in terms of cultural heritage, detailing the Vietnamese people's traditional ways of life, from religious events to symbolic rituals, via displays of artifacts, tribal arts and everyday objects gathered from across the nation, labelled in Vietnamese, French and English.

+ Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Ba Dinh Square is one of the most visited attractions in Hanoi, the final resting place of Ho Chi Minh, the most iconic leader of Vietnam. His body is preserved here, in a glass case. You'll find that this isn't just an average attraction, but a part of a unique history.

- What's on the menu ?

The country boasts one of the most diverse, delicious and healthy gastronomy in the world. The traditional tastes of Vietnam, China and France, all mixed together into edible masterpieces of goodness, sold and featured from the smallest food stalls along the streets to the finest restaurants, are something you really don't want to miss throughout your trip. We hereby proudly present a few of the most popular foods that you should definitely try at least once while you can.

+ "Pho" : This globally famous dish, "invented" in the early 20th century, is best served in Hanoi. It's commonly featured just about wherever you are, from street vendors to even 5-star restaurants. Come in two major varieties, chicken and beef, each goes with a variety of sub-dish for its own, so it really is "never the same".

+ "Bun thang" : A bit like "white spaghetti", it's among the most popular dishes around the Old Quarters, but not as common outside. It stands out as a harmonious mixture of color and flavor - the yellow of the sliced egg, the white of the noodles, the off-white of the chickens, and the green of the herbs. One bite and you're on cloud 9.

+ "Cha Ca La Vong" : Listed as one of the top 100 must-try-before-you-die dishes, confirmed by many cuisine experts, it features artistically grilled fish and is served with "bun", peanuts, green onions and shrimp paste. Do yourself a favor and feel the unforgettable flavor.

Looking for somewhere else that you really want to take your camera out and check in ? Or perhaps some other dishes that will awaken your taste ?

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