Da Lat cuisine

Not only attracted by the cool climate all year round and beautiful natural scenery, Da Lat tourists attracted by the beauty culinary diversity here and especially 

There will be lots of visitors wondered what to eat when traveling Da Lat to have exciting trip. 

Here are some of extremely attractive Da Lat specialties . 

Da Lat cuisine
Photo by Bi Beli
What to eat when traveling Dalat? 

Bun bo Hue Dalat: Who has been to Da Lat could hardly refuse to Dalat aromatic beef noodles- a very distinct taste of Da Lat, cooking styles and vegetables can not be mixed in the first . A dish blends culinary styles, so customers rushed to Sum collapse, blowing taste with ruddy faces dotted sweat, the cold of Da Lat no longer mean anything to Hue beef noodle bowl. 

Nem Da Lat: One definition cuisine attracts tourists to Da Lat, rolls made ​​from fresh meats. When eating food with salads, cake, pickled. Baked spring rolls with full tasting of pineapple rolls, pickled sour, cool taste of green vegetables ... the customers will never feel bored with this dish. 

Da Lat Vegetarian Cuisine: not less tourists to Da Lat travel, less noisy space between rhythms drift late, reaching out to gently cuisine species of vegetables in vegetarian dishes as well as how closer to nature, health promotion throughout the period of tourism in Da Lat.

Bread soup in Da Lat: a kind of rustic bread is home to foreign tourists to Da Lat tourist love, this is a traditional dish with its own characteristics. Cake has many chopped cilantro mixed with thinly sliced ​​onions with fresh ground pepper and red pepper pieces intensifying flavors passionate, charming appeal. 

Delicious Restaurants in Dalat 

Nem Ms. Hung (lower) - 254 Phan Dinh Phung.
Nem she means - 4K (or 4C) Bui Thi Xuan
Ut baked rolls Hue 11/11 Chi Lang Lang for just the opposite
Bread Lotus - 15-17-19 3/2 Street, Ward 1, Da Lat. Wonton Noodle Lotus, sold from 7am to 11:30 in the night
Bread soup Spring Security (only afternoon and morning bread bun bo ad sales) - No. 15A House _ Chung Tel: 827 690
Bun Company (6am - 7pm) _ Phu Dong Thien Vuong
Bun Bo Hue - 37 Hung Vuong
Bun bo Hue immigrants - Hamlet Light (already removed)
Banh Beo No. 4-282 Phan Dinh Phung, P2, Da Lat; served from 11h to 20h per day
Quang noodle Nha Chung street, where 2-3 Quang noodle shop is very expensive hotels in the morning
Com Nieu Huong Tra, Nguyen Thai Hoc tasty and inexpensive
Mai Hang Meal (10am - 7pm) - 1B Bui Thi Xuan
Com Nieu, rice dam Nam Do - 6 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai (way before Dalat Market) Tel: 3824 550
Bank goat (No. 32C Hai Ba Trung, Tel: 823 808)
Wipe the Thanh Tan - Nguyen Thi Dinh, 2 people only eat 1 small pot of 100,000, tasty and cheap - enthusiastic service.
Wipe the Happiness - Bui Thi Xuan
Thanh Thuy Restaurant - lakeshore river
Shui Ta - restaurant and cafe
Lotus - vegetarian restaurant
Information Reo - barbecue and bush meat
Song May - luxury restaurant

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