Travel tips in Hanoi

1. The weather while traveling in Hanoi

The Northern Vietnam has four clear seasons of the year. Therefore, the weather is something you should consider when traveling Hanoi city. The summer is usually very hot sun, the winter is cold, the spring is wet. Except that you want to experience the difference in weather, choose in the special season. Otherwise, the fall between September to November is the best time for you to go.

Travel tips in Hanoi
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2. Hotel Reservations in Hanoi

If you first travel to Hanoi, then so should experience staying in the Old Quarter once. Select and book hotels near Cathedral, Ma May, Hang Hanh Street, Hang Trong, Hang Bong, Hang Gai … From here you can enjoy at the bustling nightlife center of Hanoi and join the interesting activities.

And for those loving a quiet should book hotels surrounding West Lake is well worth considering. Then you can rent a motorcycle to reduce travel costs. Here, you get fresh air of Hanoi, as well as enjoying the romance of the West Lake when each evening comes. An atmosphere that Ho Chi Minh cuty probably doesn’t not get.

3. Other Considerations when traveling Hanoi

Most people have a general view that: using services in Hanoi and northern provinces are not as good as in Ho Chi Minh city. Therefore you should also prepare yourself the willingness to embrace the “discomfort” while using services here, with the following note:

– When shopping, you avoid the early morning to see the goods, avoid asking price too many times without the intention of buying.
– Prices should be consulted from different. 
– Let’s have a map to determine the distance or directions, avoid getting others (motorcycle taxi, taxi) take around and charged extra money. Ask about the price before using any services. The best way is you should ask your hotel receptionist about supports.
– To enjoy all the natural beauty, great architectural works in the great temples, you should not go temples on festival seasons.

   If you want to discover other wonderful places other than Hanoi, here we offers some best tours from Hanoi as references to help you to have great time in Vietnam.

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