The Monkey Year - 2016

The Monkey Year - 2016
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For Vietnamese kids, monkey is probably the most familiar animal. Monkey is often thought of as a smart and fast animal which now exists either in a circus or in rural rainforests.

“Popular” monkeys in Asian cultures

It is believed that the association of the twelve animals in the calculation of time and date rooted in the worship of animals. Monkey, the animal that most closely resembles human, is undoubtedly chosen. In fact, monkey is not only reputed in the zodiac but also in classical literature and traditional religions. Ton Ngo Khong (or Sun Wukong in the famous Journey to the West TV series) is but one member in the league of famous monkeys.

In India, Hunuman is also a monkey that is worshipped. The divine monkey first appeared in the two major Sanskrit epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, and later became known as one of the Hindu deities. Hanuman is not only popular among Hindus but also revered by Buddhists in Central, Southeast and East Asia.

Personalities of the “monkey”

Both Ton Ngo Khong and Hanuman are dipicted as intelligent, versatile, inventive but sometimes naughty warriors. Likewise, people born under the monkey sign are believed to be smart, creative, possessing a magnetic personality but at the same time mischievious. Like money which is an distinctively intelligent animal, “monkey” people are born to be inquisitive and curious. These qualities make them such fast learners and enable them to excel in a wide range of careers from business to science and arts.

On the other hand, for the same reason, “monkey people” are always seeking novelty. Therefore, they may find it difficult settling down in relationship. Easily bored, they often have many partners. Yet, those who can conquer the heart of “monkey” people are fortunate since “monkey” people tend to be very open and attentive in communication.

In discussion, “monkey” people are often assertive, willing to present their own ideas,which makes them active members of any group or organization. The weakness is that they may become too talkative, arrogant and impatient sometimes. “Monkey” people can achieve more if they know how to resist the urge and listen to others. Health is often not a worry to “monkey” people since they prefer an outdoor and active lifestyle. Still, “monkey” people should pay more attention to ensure their safety when they are outdoor.

Outgoing, attractive and creative, “monkey” people have a good chance to become famous. David Copperfield, Joan Crawford, Tom Hanks, Harry Houdini, Will Smith and Miley Cyrus are some of the celebrities who were born under the monkey sign.

The monkey year 2016

According to the Lunar Calendar, the monkey year of 2016 is Binh Than or Fire Monkey year. It is believed that in Binh Than year, parents should give birth in Summer or Spring to ensure the best future for their children. Furthermore, the monkey year 2016 is predicted to be an unstable year when careful planning and group action may fall short. Individual effort and innovation will play a more important role than institutional and orthordoxy attempt. Rely on your own instead of your organization and go ahead with your ground-breaking ideas will be the most sensible advice in the monkey year of 2016.

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