That Khe Roasted Duck- special gift from Lang son

That Khe Roasted Duck- special gift from Lang son
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Referring to Vietnam in general specialty or specialties of Lang Son in particular, can not fail to mention roast duck. When traveling Lang Son, travelers must once enjoyed That Khe roasted duck– Lang Son specialty this will surely give visitors an unforgettable taste!

That Khe is a district town of Trang Dinh district, Lang Son, Vietnam. That Khe town beside
rice fields, and streams converge in a dreamy valley, there are specialties That Khe roasted duck.

The reason duck specialties-Lang Son also has the word “secret questions” because that is the name of a leaf made That Khe roasted duck “genuine”. That Khe roasted duck was famous specialty of Lang Son, but it is present not long ago.
For processed food specialties in
Lang Son , it must have been the experiences of people processing That Khe (Lang Son). Duck is chosen usually elected, not too young or too old, the meat will taste better. Many tourists enjoy this dish will think duck taken from Beijing (China). However, the duck to make special dishes Lang Son in turn by people Hatay (Hanoi) provide and ensure good-tonic-clean it!

After cleaning duck feathers and intestines removed unnecessary parts, one blast to duck swell. Then put the duck meat into boiling water to tone the back, duck thus tastier. Duck is diluted honey basting them with soy sauce and malt make up for the relatively fresh duck meat specialties quay- Lang Son.
Stomach stuffed duck indispensable spices are dried onions, tofu atrium, soya, fruit spirit rosemary, sauce, seasoning, soup, wild honey, malt sugar, a little fat and more than half a bowl water, all cooked fried to fragrant. Especially indispensable is infected leaf density, all stuffed in duck belly and stitches make up the characteristic taste special dishes for this LangSon!

Turn duck over hot coals several times but not to burn duck skin is also a difficult thing there! Return to start when bronzed skin yellow, crunchy hot, gourmet cuisine Lang Son characteristic fragrance of infected leaves and honey in honey duck outer skin layer.

The town of That Khe (Lang Son) now has more than 16 shops selling roast duck infected bile Lang Son.This special dishes not only Lang Son Lang Son favored people that the domestic and foreign tourists to come to Lang Son nor from the “softened” with specialty dishes.

During the banquet or meeting people in Lang Son, especially the Lunar New Year, the restaurants became more crowded, bustling. Enjoy
That Khe roasted duck seemed a habit of people in Lang Son. To create more excitement, the special dishes of Lang Son also enjoy Mau Son wine with mellow and pepper pie or cake friable. The aroma of That Khe roasted duck thereby makes “soft heart” into a far more diners!

If given the opportunity to travel, Lang Son, visitors go once had in any roadside shop, enjoy special dishes of Lang Son in the freezing air of Lang Son, surely will leave guests publications lasting phenomenon!

Sitting in a cozy little eatery between the mountains of Lang Son border area, in the cool climate of the early days, guests will enjoy a special food Lang Son with “incomparable”. It will be an unforgettable experience in Lang Son stays there!

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