Lung Cu Flag Tower

Lung Cu Flag Tower is the last vestige of Vietnam. It is a mighty structure that stands high above the rugged hills of Vietnam's northern border.

Lung Cu peak is liken as "a high forehead of the motherland" where marks the extreme North of our country. From its top, visitors can see the whole of beautiful and spectacular landscape.

Lung Cu is located in Dong Van, 200km from the center of Ha Giang Borough with a natural area of 3,460 ha

Where is Lung Cu flag tower?

Lung Cu is located in Dong Van District, 200km from the center of Ha Giang Borough with a natural area of 3,460 ha. Visitors are attracted by magnificent mountains hiding in the cloud as well as the Flag Tower on top of Dragon Mountain (Long Son), terraces of the local resident and Lo Lo Lake. Also, the winter in this place is very cold so that visiting Lung Cu in that time can give tourists a chance to witness real white snow covering the forests and mountains here. 

Lung Cu Flag Tower
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours

The best time to visit Lung Cu Flag Pole

Ha giang is inherently fascinated by the beauty from nature, so you can travel to Ha Giang at any time of the year.

Around before and after the Lunar New Year (January to March) is the time for plum and cherry blossoms, yellow mustard flowers. April with Khau Vai love market. May is the pouring season.

Around June to August is summer, Ha Giang always has sunshine which is an appropriate time to have beautiful pictures of stone plateau, but in the summer it can often be raining. September is the ripe season of highland rice. October to November is the flower season of the buckwheat.

Best way to get to Ha Giang

How to get to Lung Cu? To Lung Cu flagpole, the first owl you need to move to Ha Giang city. There are many vehicles to Ha Giang that are safe, convenient and cheap for you to choose depending on the starting point.

Ha Giang bus from Hanoi

Ha Giang bus are the most reasonable option for those who always put safety first. Passenger cars to Ha Giang depart from My Dinh wharf, the time for the car to go to My Dinh station is from 5 am to 21 pm, you should contact the car directly to book in advance, avoid the case of running out of tickets or being stuffed with passengers. Bus from Hanoi will arrive in Ha Giang city, you will get off at Ha Giang city bus station and continue on the bus to get to Lung Cu flagpole.

If you are traveling in a group, rent a car with a driver or Ha Giang tour at Hanoi travel companies.

Depending on the number of people in your group, you can rent a 7-seater car, 16 seats in a price range of about 3 million / 1 way) to Ha Giang. Advantages of traveling cars are quite safe, saving time actively. You can combine with the journey to conquer Lung Cu North Pole with visiting beautiful places in Ha Giang very convenient.

Our Ha Giang tour offers a full range of travel services for 4-day trips to Ha Giang from Hanoi at reasonable prices. If you are interested, see details at:

Motorcycles from Hanoi to Ha Giang

If you are an adventurous person who likes to conquer Lung Cu flagpole by motorbike, you can refer to the experience by motorbikes below:

Starting from Hanoi - Going Thang Long Bridge - turning to Vinh Phuc - Viet Tri - Phu Tho - Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang.

Or you can go to Ha Giang by motorbike following the second road:

Starting from Hanoi - Son Tay (going to Route 21 at Co Nhue) - going straight to Trung Ha bridge (To the town of Son Tay town turn right or straight through La Thanh) => Ancient Weather => Phong Chau Bridge (Go to Phong Chau bridge, turn left hand, follow the Thao river) - go to Phu Tho town - Doan Hung and turn to Tuyen Quang - Tuyen Quang you do not go through the city but choose the direction of National Highway 2 towards Ha Giang.

Continue to Lung Cu flagpole, Dong Van. The road from Ha Giang to Dong Van is called the 4C QL about 140km long. To ensure you get on the right track, you should combine it with google maps.

Lung Cu Flag Tower 1
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours

Of Culture and Nature

Lung Cu population consists of many ethnic groups with different and diverse features in culture, beliefs and practices. People here mostly grow rice on the unique terraces and milpas, and even Mong and Lo Lo communities here still practice the traditional textile methods. Traditional features in cultures of these ethnic groups are very diverse and interesting. Many travelers are attracted here to explore these unique aspects of the community.

Many cultural features of ethnic groups here were influenced by the Vietnamese culture, like the silver drum of the Lo Lo which originated from the silver drum of Dong Son. Moreover, Lung Cu is famous by many special foods and drink such as corn alcohol, honey alcohol and “Thang Co” (a kind of soup that Is cooked with almost every part of an animal such as pork, beef, horse…)

After arriving at Lung Cu flag tower

When you arrive at the Lung Cu Flag Tower you will need to purchase an entry ticket that costs 20,000 Vietnamese Dong (or about 90 cents American). You will also see a gift shop that can serve you cold drinks, and a small local restaurant.

When you're ready to ascend the flag tower, you'll hope you brought decent footware and perhaps a bottle of water. The staircase to be climbed to get to the base of the tower is well over a hundred steps. On a hot and humid day, it may feel more like a thousand.

Don't give up now though - you've made it this far, and the best is still to come. The view from Lung Cu's flag pole is outstanding. From the base of the tower you can already appreciate your surroundings, and get a nice view of the flag above.

Once you have caught your breath though, enter the centre of the flag tower and climb one final staircase to get to the top. There are tiny windows in the tower that offer neat perspectives, teasing you with glimpses of the view that awaits at the top.

Of course the best views of come from the top of the Lung Cu Flag Tower, and the payoff is well worth your climb. There you will have an unparalleled view of the hills of the Northern Ha Giang province. If you look to the north, you can see all the way into China.

The flag tower itself is a very impressive structure, with a flag that is 54 square meters. This is said to represent the 54 unique ethnic groups within Vietnam.

Most of all though, it is the nature around Lung Cu flag tower that provides the main attraction. The area is very off the beaten path for most Western tourists.
If you want to discover other wonderful places other than Hanoi, here we offers some best tours from Hanoi as references to help you to have great time in Vietnam.

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