Com Lam (Lam Rice)

Come to Sapa at any time, visitor can buy Com Lam from local people, Cơm lam has its special in the mountainous area.

Com lam is a good way to cook the rice,  Because rice put in the bamboo stem and  seal both ends with banana leaves. That will keep the rice still have fragrance and do not losing nutrition.

Com Lam (Lam Rice)
Photo by Lam Nguyen
Nowaday elderly still tell to each other a story about Com Lam. Com lam has its origins in the mountainous lifestyle when tribesmen made long journeys through the forest. They can only carried out a small basket of rice, some salt, some smoked meat.

Along  the trip some time they walk throught bamboo forest. They will take some bamboo stems then stuffing rice into bamboo tubes add some water and cook on fire . Grilled smoky meat to eat with Com Lam   

Com Lam still exists nowaday it has become a popular dish.

To make delicious cơm lam, one needs to use the glutinous rice, fragrant and sticky First, one needs to choose bamboo stems of a suitable age. They should be fresh and young in order for them to imbue a unique mountain fragrance to the rice. they cut a bamboo joint and open at one end of it Wash the rice and soak, Carefully add the rice into the bamboo, add some water.  and seal the opened end with banana leaf. grill the bamboo rice on medium heat turning every few minutes about an hour its will be ready for eat.

In fact, as the experience of local people when they smell of fragrant from bamboo tube they will know that ready or not without open the seal. delicious cơm lam is when you Crack the bamboo tubes rice in the shape of a tube wrapped with bamboos tissues, slight scent of bamboo

Com Lam is served with grilled chicken or grilled pork. However Some sesame and salt are indispensible while eating this dish

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