Things to do at night in Hanoi

Would you describe yourself as a night owl? Do you think that the night is just too beautiful to waste away in our sleep? Do you want to explore the city of Ha Noi when it is not overly populated? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, then the night life in Ha Noi is the life for you. The night is peaceful in Ha Noi, Vietnam it brings out the old, ancient look that Ha Noi used to have a few decades ago, but combine with the new and exciting nightlife activities to match with the younger generations.

Photo: Hà Quốc Lập
Ha Noi is at its best at night! If you are ever in Ha Noi and have trouble sleeping, walk outside and listen to the breathe of the city, to see an ancient Ha Noi. See for yourself that beneath the hustle, bustle life of the big city is really a simple, down to earth painting of the motionless.

In daytime, Ha Noi is too much of a rush. People just don’t have time for the Old Quarter, of the thousand year old capital city. So in order to really feel the beauty of Ha Noi, the original Ha Noi that people felt in love with, just wait till the night comes around, when the streets are empty and the all you can hear is the sound the silence.

 So where to admire?

Wherever you like, stroll down the neighborhood, walk near by to start feeling the quiet. Next up head to Hoan Kiem lake and hang around in the Old Quarter.

If you haven’t noticed the old houses, the ancient streets, this is your chance, take a look for as long as you want. If you’re tired of Bo Ho, go to Ba Dinh square, West Lake, Grand Opera House or Long Bien, … There are so many places to go at night to appreciate the rich history that is Ha Noi.

 What about the young and new?

So you are tired of seeing old building and the boring silence? You want a real nightlife of endless partying? You enjoy the pumping music, the blinking dance floors, the always-have-a-drink-in-your-hand? Ha Noi has plenty of bars and clubs to meet the needs of party animals.

Clubs in Ha Noi are mainly for young people, usually between 18-28. The atmosphere in these are the usual that you would expect: Loud music, smoke in the air, dancing people, strangers making out, everybody drinks,… you know, the usual.

Taboo Lounge and Bar

The floating vessel in West Lake is considered as the place to go for the Rich and Beautiful. With an exciting mix of new culinary experiences, great atmosphere and quality entertainment, Taboo Lounge & Bar attracts a high-end sophisticated local and foreign clientele. Taboo Lounge & Bar will deliver a ‘Three-In-One Concept’ with the following outlets in one boat: Lounge Bar, Bar and Cigar Lounge and Cafe Sundeck.

The Bank

The Bank Entertainment is located on the 6th floor of 41, Hai Ba Trung. This huge club has a capacity of nearly 300 and consists 2 indoor and 1 outdoor bars. While the 2 rooms are for those who enjoy good music and senseless dancing, the outdoor bar is a balcony for those who enjoy the scenery, champagne and wine.

Nineteen Bar

While Bank or Taboo are all about the music and the atmosphere, Nineteen Bar is all about the girls. It is here that you can find the hottest girls in all of Ha Noi, both Vietnamese and foreign. There is something about the place that just attract beautiful women. The DJ’s, the dancers, the waitresses, are sure to attract any man to this club. Nineteen Bar is located in 19, Cha Ca street, possibly the center of the Old Quarter.

Is it cool to just drink and talk without having to overpay and listen to loud music?

It absolutely is, it should be the way for people who wishes to have a good time while having a conversation. If you want some good cold beer, head to Ta Hien. This is the street that has been known for years to be the destination to get together while serving some good drinks. It is also the first foreigners attraction in Ha Noi. The streets doesn’t sleep at night, so it suits those who suffers from insomnia who wish to turn it into entertainment.

Unlike high-end clubs, bars in Ta Hien are mostly places where you go to have a drink and make conversations, whether it is with someone you know or with a stranger. This comes easy when there is beer involve, because “Who doesn’t like a good beer?”. The price is considerably cheaper, too, comparing to the drinks in clubs.

So what if we got hungry?

Not to worry my friends. Street food is all around you. Ta Hien also serves some tasty snack while you’re chugging down your glasses. But there are other famous street food restaurants that serves great food all night long. Here are some of the best night food in Ha Noi:

Dong Xuan Market

There is a line of food stall that open all night long next to Dong Xuan market that sells traditional street food. This is the most popular destination for night food in all over Ha Noi.

The Long Bien Bridge

This is relatively close to Dong Xuan Market. Long Bien Market is a nice location for one to have a night walk with someone else or just hang out with friends or families. But around the area, the streets of Hang Dau, Cau Go, Ma May, you can get together with a few others and have a hot pot or a BBQ for group and share the taste of heart-warming friendship and good food. There is no better way to heat up in a chilling winter night.

Xoi Yen

Best sticky rice in all of Ha Noi, many people can agree with this. The restaurant is located in 35B, Nguyen Canh Chan street, and opens from 5 a.m. till 1 a.m. the next day. The attitude of service is absolutely professional, but the flavor is homey. This is one the specialties that you should not miss out during your time in Ha Noi.

So how to get around?

To really enjoy the night in Ha Noi, it is best to take it slow and go on foot. All the destinations mentioned above are relatively close to each other, most of them are located within Old Quarter, which you can easily make your way around by walking. Bus is not an option as it’s late, so if you can’t walk all that distance, try renting a bike. If you want to feel the night, enjoy the fresh air that you don’t have to share, you can go it alone if you know that you’re capable of defending yourself. But in all seriousness, traveling alone in a strange city can be dangerous, so it is safer to have a buddy with you to watch your back. And because of those reasons, don’t bring all your cash with you. Even if you want to go in a club, because you can always use credit card.

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