Shopping around Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter has 2,000 years of history representing the soul of the city. Just take a stroll in this Old Quater, you will be confused with the innumerable shops that you couldn’t decide which is the best place to buy. Here is what you are looking for.

Photo by Arnie Chou

Silver jewelry? Come to Hang Bac Street

Hang Bac is one of the oldest streets in Vietnam appearing in the 13th century. Bac means silver, and appropriately, that’s what this street offers.

Hang Bac is well-known for its traditional silver shops in Vietnam with silver jewelry of all shapes and forms.This is where you can find fine silver jewelry. You may enjoy many services since there are different kinds of jewelers such as engravers, polishers, smelters, and gold-leaf makers.
Hang Bac is also a good place to exchange money.

Silks and Clothes

Hang Gai may be the best place to comfort your silk itch in the Old Quarter. You may drop into Kenly Silk (108 Hang Gai), Khai Silk (96 Hang Gai) or Duc Loi (77 Hang Gai). Those shops offer you a plentiful range of silk goods such as ao dai, scarves, suits, dresses, etc.

You can find numerous clothing shops on Ta Hien and Hang Da Street selling various types of clothes with a quite cheap price tag. Price is ranging from $10 to $30.


Son mai (Lacquerware) is the art of decorating wooden or bamboo objects with lacquer. You will need a discerning eye to differentiate excellent handiwork from the abundant dross in the market.
Recommended address: 25 Hang Trong, 02 Hang Bong, 28 Nha Chung 


Embroidery is a popular cottage industry in Vietnam. There is a large selection of embroidered patterns, and linens on any budget.
Recommended address: 66 Hang Gai, 07 Nha Tho, 17 Trang Tien  


Hanoi Old Quarter is also a dazzling maze of souvenirs. This place is crammed with interesting and beautiful souvenirs that you may find for your friends and relatives from paper lanterns, wooden puppets, toys, artworks, etc.

Other destinations:
  •     Hang Can for stationery
  •     Hang Dau for shoes
  •     Hang Buom for candies and wine
  •     Thuoc Bac for tools
  •     Cau Go for women’s accessories
Note: Always bear in mind to haggle over the price!
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