Binh Quoi village

Each time I take backpacking tours to the Western provinces and Binh Quoi village, I am surprised by charming beauty of a bygone Mekong Delta, with gigs, a blue canal, dinghies, a rough monkey bridge and thatched cottages among lush water coconut trees in Binh Quoi tourist village. Binh Quoi tourist village is lively, romantic and attractive. It is a fascinating site due to its peaceful and fresh air in the heart of the city.

Binh Quoi village
Photo by Igdrasa
Binh Quoi tourist village is the convergence of the tranquil green grass, coconut groves silhouetting by the river, trails leading into the cottages, ox cars dangling and a few baskets of fresh flowers and various and plentiful food stalls.

Binh Quoi tourist village has various restaurant with big capacity and cuisine stalls depending on customers’ requirements. Food displayed in the hut of leaves, on grasses along the ponds and in the garden for tourists comfortably to choose. It is home to delicious baked dishes such as shining salad, grilled snakehead fish, baked chicken with clay or pancakes…

Tourists will have an opportunity to enjoy wonderful dishes in the romantic and fresh space served by charming girls wearing loose fitting blouses.

The most prominent at Binh Quoi is weekend buffet with the theme of “Southern reclaiming cuisine”. Here is also home of culinary and cultural festivals such as “Southern Land”, “Go home and celebrate Tet holiday”, “Grain of rice of my hometown” “Explore Vietnamese folk cuisine” or “Taste of hometown”… Binh Quoi tourist area always has strong appeal for tourists on weekend. Tourists can be immerged in peaceful, airy and spacious space. 

Binh Quoi tourist village is also considered as the marvelous scenes for the loving couples for wedding’s pictures. Besides, visitors can take part in a variety of amusing games like water-skiing, fishing, playing tennis, swimming or yachting on Sai Gon river as well as enjoy cuisines.

Not noisy as other amusement parks, the tourist village looks like a panorama retaining the rustic and idyllic features of peaceful villages in the South. Discovering Binh Quoi tourist village is definitely one of the most impressive things to do in Ho Chi Minh City. The tourist village is worth an attractive tourist site in city, contributing to promote Ho Chi Minh City tourism closer to domestic and international tourists.

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