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The tourist destination in Vietnam you must definitely go

If you have been to Vietnam, you surely know that Vietnam is blessed with so many attractive destinations, breathtaking scenery. Here are some tourist destinations in Vietnam that I recommend: definitely have to go!

1. The Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang

The tourist destination in Vietnam you must definitely go
Photo by Phạm Cương
Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of Vietnam’s most impressive natural sights. Located in the northeastern province of Cao Bang, the falls are 30 metres high and 300 metres across, making Ban Gioc the widest (but not the highest) waterfall in the country. The falls occur on the Quay Son River, a beautiful jade-blue body of water flowing from China through a pastoral landscape of rice fields and bamboo groves surrounded by limestone pinnacles. Despite improved road access and public transportation connections, and the popularity of several recent viral drone videos showcasing the majesty of the falls, Ban Gioc is still a relatively off-the-beaten-path sight. Mass tourism has yet to arrive and, outside of weekends and public holidays, there’s rarely more than a trickle of foreign and domestic visitors.

2. Son Doong cave, Quang Binh

Son Doong Cave is based in Quang Binh, in the North Central part of Vietnam, midway between Danang and Hanoi. The Son Doong Cave is the biggest cave in the world in Vietnam. The cave is over 5.5 miles long, has a jungle, a river, and could fit a 40-story skyscraper within its walls.

The tourist destination in Vietnam you must definitely go 1
Photo by Dave Bunnell
The best time of the year to visit Son Doong is from February to August. From February to April, the weather is cool and mild, perfectly suitable for trekking in the cave. However, it can be quite cold at night so be prepared to bring along some trekking jackets. From May to August, the weather is often hot and humid, making the expedition more arduous and challenging. From September to January, the cave is closed as the flood also makes it impossible to access to the caves during this time of the year.

3. Tam Coc, Ninh Binh

The tourist destination in Vietnam you must definitely go 2
Photo by Tuấn Mai
Tam Coc (Tam Cốc-Bích Động) in Ninh Binh is one of the most popular tourist attractions in this area. Various tourist agencies in Hanoi offer 1-day trip to Tam Coc. Tam Coc – 5 km from the city center of Ninh Binh and therefore a very easily accessible place, is often visited by many tourists. After Trang An Scenic Complex, another amazing spot in Ninh Binh, about 7 km from Tam Coc, is the most visited spot in Ninh Binh.

4. Ma Pi Leng pass, Ha Giang

The Ma Pi Leng Pass in Ha Giang province is about 20 kilometers over the peak Ma Pi Leng, a peak about 1,200 meters high in Dong Van Plateau, on the road named Hanh Phuc Street connecting Ha Giang, Dong Van and Meo Vac Town. Ma Pi Leng is considered as the “King” of the Vietnam’s pass or Great Wall of Vietnam.

The tourist destination in Vietnam you must definitely go 3
Photo by trungydang
Ma Pi Leng, in Hmong language means “Horse nose bridge”. Some other literature sources argue it actually is Mao Pi Leng. Both explanations mean nothing else than the dangerous, breath-taking feeling of the traveler when passing by this pass, elders said that the pregnant horse could lose its baby, the male horse could be die going through that pass in the past. But perhaps only on this pass can the traveler feel the greatness of Mother Nature, due both to the deep canyon of the Nho Que river underneath and the surrounding high mountains, resulting in the height difference of more than 1km, which is added by vertical cliffs and barren rock deserts all around.

5. Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai

The tourist destination in Vietnam you must definitely go 4
Photo by Quangpraha
Mu Cang Chai is a mountainous district of Yen Bai province, in the northeastern region of Vietnam, is about 280km from Hanoi, are known with scenic rice terraces. Each harvest season, Mu Cang Chai welcomes thousands of visitors from around the country & is the new attractive destination for international travelers

September and October are suggested as the most ideal time to visit Mu Cang Chai as everywhere, from magnificent mountains or beautiful terraced rice fields are bathed in glistening rays.

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