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Khau Pha Pass - One of the most iconic places of Northern Vietnam

Along with O Quy Ho Pass (Lai Chau), Pha Din Pass (Dien Bien), Ma Pi Leng Pass (Ha Giang), Khau Pha Pass is ranked second in the "Four Mountain Passes" in North Vietnam. And also one of the most attractive destinations of Mu Cang Chai tourism.

Why Khau Pha Pass is special ?

As one of the lines winding and steep gorge ranks among the best Vietnam, Khau Pha Mountain pass is in the highest mountain in Mu Cang Chai area. Khau Pha Pass starting point is cut Highway 32 to Highway 279 consecutive seamlessly with grand children pass it forward and pass on the road behind Kim Walls 32. With just a low concrete barrier between you and the steep mountain drop, it's best not to look down.

Khau Pha Pass - One of the most iconic places of Northern Vietnam
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It’s said to be one of the most dangerous roads in the country, making many people and especially foreigners eager to explore it. The road is 30km long, pretty steep. It’s dangerous due the thick fog, snow in winters, sharp bends, no barrier or warning signs, lack of regular maintenance, risk of landslides.

From the city of Yen Bai, vice along Highway 32 about 5 hours, through communal Tu Le, Khau Pha pass Mu Cang Chai district out between a plateaus surrounded by mountains identical messages. The winding stretches of road passes between the old forests are bold and pristine slopes terraced fields of H’Mong, Thai.

Khau Pha Pass - One of the most iconic places of Northern Vietnam 2
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Running through Khau Pha mountain peak, which is considered one of the highest mount in Mu Cang Chai, Khau Pha Pass has been deemed one of the most winding and steep pass in Vietnam. The pass grows to the length of 30 kilometers, connecting both Van Chan and Mu Cang Chai districts in  Yen Bai province. In Thai ethnic minority language, “Khau Pha” can be directly translated as “The mountainous horn protruding the blue sky” as a result of the way the mist and fog make the mountain top rise appear above the puffy white clouds.

Along the length of Khau Pha are dozens of sharp bends, bumps, and cobblestones. On cloudy days, the pass is extremely dangerous for drivers because there are no barriers or warning signs.

Khau Pha Pass is the most beautiful in the rice harvest season, in September and October, when the rice on the foot of the terraced fields. This is the time many tourists choose to conquer the pass and sightseeing. In addition, come here, visitors are also looking at the pass winding road between the old wild forest. The forest also preserves many kinds of precious flora and fauna such as: black crested gibbon, gray langur, and other rare birds and animals,...
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