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Rattan Brige, Sapa - Mist covered the way

Your visit to Sapa will be incomplete if you skip Cau May - a bridge made from rattan and bamboo across the Muong Hoa River. Rattan Bridge (Cau May) in Sapa, whose name explains what it’s made from, is a well-known bridge over Muong Hoa stream. It is 20km to the southeast of Sapa town centre. All year round, the white water flow pours down to the stream. It looks like a picture with two main colors: green from the forest and white from the waterfall. 
Rattan Brige, Sapa - Mist covered the way 1

Most tourists pass over this brigde will have a terrible fear of heights. Because of distance of wooden planks and a fast flowing river make visitors feel dizzy. In addition, the uncertain and creaks on steps by steps on the cloud bridge in Sapa make you feel more anxious. It is also considered an unforgettable memories when arriving to Sapa, when you pass over this bridge successfully, you should go ahead to the end of way, you will see a great and big waterfall, and local people call it Giang Ta Chai Waterfall.

If you travel to Sapa in the end of year (September to December) you will see the fog cover this brigde, you will feel like you are on paradise. It’s so great!! Rattan bridge is specially beautiful in misty days when the fog is blown up from Muong Hoa stream, which makes tourist feel like walking on clouds in heaven. That’s why many people believe that the name “May” has another meaning of “clouds” in Vietnamese. The bridge has not only aesthetic but also economic values to local tourism.

Rattan Brige, Sapa - Mist covered the way 1

Rattan bridge is also an ideal place for wedding photos. And one album leads to another. More and more couples visit the bridge and take turn to shoot their wedding photos on the bridge. Rattan brigde is a familiar name, and it’s always in Sapa tours for tourist would like to travel to Sapa , this name is named for restaurants, hotels, even street at the center of city. Everyyear, the Rattan bridge in Sapa attracted many domestic and international tourists and this place is not missed during your trip Sapa.

Do not let your Sapa trip become imperfect just because of some shortcomings, let us overcome those shortcomings that make perfect holiday for you in Sapa.

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